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n. (plural of innocent English)

Innocents (gang)

The Innocents were an alleged gang of outlaw road agents in Montana Territory who operated during the gold rush of the 1860s, preying on shipments and travelers carrying gold from Virginia City, Montana. According to the early chronicler Thomas Dimsdale, the gang attempted to steal gold while it was being transported; they killed many travelers who resisted. Sheriff Henry Plummer of Bannack, Montana was accused of leading the group, and was executed by a group of vigilantes from Virginia City in January 1864, along with several other alleged gang members.

Innocents (video)

Innocents, released in 1989 and recorded at the NEC Arena, Birmingham on 15 November 1988, is the second concert video released by British synthpop duo Erasure. It was recorded in the latter stages of the band's tour of their third studio album " The Innocents". Unlike the studio album, the definite article (" The") is omitted from the video title. Originally only available on VHS, the video features 14 songs recorded at the concert, including performances of tracks from " Wonderland", " The Circus" and the " Crackers International" EP. Only 4 of the included tracks are songs from "The Innocents".

The concert was shot at the Birmingham NEC, parts of which were first broadcast 12 December 1988 as part of a special BBC television documentary.

Innocents (Only Living Witness album)

Innocents is the second and final album by Boston-based band Only Living Witness.

Innocents (Moby album)

Innocents is the eleventh studio album by American electronica musician Moby, released in October 2013 by record labels Little Idiot and Mute. The album features collaborations on seven of the album's twelve tracks.

Usage examples of "innocents".

As soon as I mentioned the Hanoverians he burst out laughing, and said these false innocents must be made to fulfil their occupation in a proper manner.