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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Initials \In*i"tials\, n. pl. The first letters of a person's first and last name, and sometimes also the first letters of the middle name or names; as, sign your initials in the margin; people identified only by their initials.


n. 1 (plural of initial English)Category:English plurals 2 (context plurale tantum English) An abbreviation of a person's name, constructed by taking the initial letters of first, last, and sometimes middle name. See monogram

Usage examples of "initials".

She scanned her data files for translations of the initials Blaize had used.

Bulging brown sacks stenciled with the initials of Planetary Technical Aid hung from hooks on one side of the shack, dangling right out over the sea of glop.

The Shepherd Howling had reviled the planet and called it The Great Beast and said it was a man-eating monster, Coaxtl simply called it The Home, and Uncle Sean and Clodagh called it Petaybee, for the initials Pee, Tee, Bee which also stood for Powers That Be, the local name for Intergal, the Company which first settled the planet.

Terbo, the zoologist-chemist, had been felled in a landslide on the first planet of their present survey tour, but as that world had clearly supported some intelligent life, the initials I.

I did find his initials on surfaces in the Hold, and yet the records Ita Fusaiyuki kept until a few months after Kenjo's death make no mention of him.

F'lessan shook his head, trying to remember what the initials stood for-possibly hazardous object?

Joe scratched his head, looking at the series of initials and numbers for what felt like the thousandth time: CN/1220.

As soon as he found a public phone, he punched in a long string of numbers and started counting the initials scratched on the battered steel face of the phone.

He pulled out a tiny, sleek, black leather purse with a long braided strap and solid gold designer initials on the side.

Crazy laughter, the initials winding around each other like vines, a scream of inhuman pain…” She rubbed her arms and looked at the glowing, gold-drenched page.

Like the initials E and S on my pages, but not the initials if you know what I mean.

The colors applied to the complexly intertwined initials shone like intricate gems.

Underneath was a triple-spaced list of initials with telephone numbers opposite.

The final two items on the torn paper were not initials, and there were no corresponding phone numbers.

That left the underlined heading, three sets of initials with three phone numbers, and the three words: Gray's Kliner File.