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The Collaborative International Dictionary

inherited \inherited\ adj. (Genetics) tending to occur among members of a family usually by heredity; as, an inherited disease.

Syn: familial, genetic, hereditary, transmitted, transmissible.

  1. 1 Obtained via an inheritance 2 Diseases and disorders which are hereditary. v

  2. (en-past of: inherit)


adj. tending to occur among members of a family usually by heredity; "an inherited disease"; "familial traits"; "genetically transmitted features" [syn: familial, genetic, hereditary, transmitted, transmissible]

Usage examples of "inherited".

The scouts came in to report that Belgica was boiling, so the legions were shuffled round again: the Seventh was sent to Caesar, the Thirteenth was shifted to the Bituriges under Titus Sextius, and Trebonius inherited the Fifth Alauda to replace the Seventh at Cenabum.

And out of that same epoch came the great Olmec sculptures, the inexplicably precise and accurate calendar the Mayans inherited from their predecessors, the inscrutable geoglyphs of Nazca, the mysterious Andean city of Tiahuanaco .

Lady Appleton readily acknowledged she had inherited three more things from her late father -- his uncompromisingly square jaw, an unseemly height for a woman, and a sturdy build that did not lend itself well to the current fashion in farthingales.

He inherited a whole library of Arthurian books from the old guy, so it really runs in the family.

John Whitefoord, a name of old standing in Ayrshire, inherited the love of his family for literature, and interested himself early in the fame and fortunes of Burns.

Those members of Christian communions which are attracted to Bahaism find in it a real hospitality to the inherited faith they take over.

He was a bannerless knight, named Julien de Boys-Bourredon, who not having inherited on his estate enough to make a toothpick, and knowing no other wealth than the rich nature with which his dead mother had opportunely furnished him, conceived the idea of deriving therefrom both rent and profit at court, knowing how fond ladies are of those good revenues, and value them high and dear, when they can stand being looked at between two suns.

They died within three weeks of each other, and his mother inherited a houseful of Waterford glassware, Belleek china and other household impedimenta.

His parents were then residing in the parish of the Tron church, apparently on a visit to the Scottish capital, as the small estate which his father Joseph Hume, or Home, inherited, lay in Berwickshire, on the banks of the Whitadder or Whitewater, a few miles from the border, and within sight of English ground.

But Brigham had inherited more than his height and his gray eyes from Mary.

She likes this Bruxellois world, which gives her a sense of security, and has no regrets for the Police Judiciaire, from which she has inherited a revulsion to violence in any form, a shrinking of the skin, the fiercer because she had always taken such pains to master it.

In 1824 the 5th earl inherited the Buckinghamshire estates of the Hampden family and took the name of Hampden, his ancestor, Sir John Hobart, 3rd baronet, having married Mary Hampden about 1655.

He was connected with a family of great respectability at Royston, in Cambridgeshire, and inherited from them a moderate-sized landed estate.

The merchant carried himself with a haughty air, the youngest son of a Kwaklahmyn chieftain and only child of his third wife, the daughter of the wealthiest merchant in Vorgensburg, Cedarbird had inherited both wealth and influence.

Now, although it is probable that with the Leguminosae the tendency to sleep may have been inherited from one or a few progenitors, and possibly so in the cohorts of the Malvales and Chenopodiales, yet it is manifest that the tendency must have been acquired by the several genera in the other families, quite independently of one another.