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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ For more info on the show, call this number.
▪ Sandra will give you all the info you need.
▪ The dinosaur exhibit is pretty neat with lots of info about each period.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1906, short for information.


n. (cx informal English) Short form of the word information.


n. a message received and understood [syn: information]


Info is a common shortening of information.

It may also refer to:

  • .info, a generic top-level domain
  • info:, a URI scheme for information assets with identifiers in public namespaces
  • .info (magazine), a computer magazine
  • .info, the filename extension for metadata files used by the Amiga Workbench
  •, a search engine aggregator
  • info (Unix), a command used to view documentation produced by GNU Texinfo
  • Info (band), an industrial metal band from Colombia.

INFO may refer to:

  • International Fortean Organisation, publishers of the INFO Journal
Info (Unix)

Info is a software utility which forms a hypertextual, multipage documentation and help viewer working on a command line interface, useful when there is no GUI available.

Info allows to read info files, which are files in a special format info generated by the texinfo program from a Texinfo source, and presents the documentation as a tree, with simple commands to traverse the tree and to follow cross references. For instance, pressing the space bar scrolls down within the current tree node or goes to the next node in the current document if already at the bottom of the current node, allowing to read the contents of an info file sequentially. Pressing the backspace key moves in the opposite direction. Furthermore:

  • ] goes to the next node in the current document.
  • [ goes to the previous node in the current document.
  • n goes to the next node on the same level as the current node.
  • p goes to the previous node on the same level as the current node.
  • u goes to the parent of the current node.
  • l goes to the last visited node
  • Moving the cursor over a link (a word preceded by a * ) and pressing the enter key follows a cross reference.

The C implementation of info was designed as the main documentation system of GNU based Operating Systems and was then ported to other Unix-like operating systems. However, info files had already been in use on ITS emacs.

Info (band)

Info is an industrial rock band from Bogotá, Colombia.

Usage examples of "info".

The heads-up display within his helmet visor copied the info shown on the dashboard multifunction display.

Satisfied that the info is secure, she saves it in the system under a password, then unclips the pad from the console, stows away the keypad, and shuts down the board.

With Harskari supporting and helping shape the force, she shook Shadith into a sort of alertness and funneled that energy info the body.

However, when our moment came we had developed enough info and biotechs that smaller enclaves could obtain food, goods, and information to sustain themselves.

News of demonstrations, articles on the war, racism, counter-culture and vital info on how to bug the higher-ups and get out of the military service are all good.

Assumptions were unreliable: I assumed that there was an adverse party working the same field as Merrick and I and feeding the Polanski unit with doped info until its turn came to be wiped out and I assumed that the K.

Ben put a hand over that ear and tried to concentrate on the charts, feeding in info that was going to come in handy, because Big Mama didn’.

Create a bind-rune or sigil as a focus for people, DTP a 'flyer' with some info about who you are and what you are aiming to achieve, send this to pagan mags (such as this one), get your local 'hippie shop' to stick it on their wall (where are you Prince Elric when we need you?

No way to avoid that, and I just can't blurt out that I've been hiding such vital info, I'd get sacked for certain.

Danny parked and canvassed, straight zero into mid-afternoon: no strange occurrences in the neighborhood, no strange vehicles, no info on Marty Goines, nothing unusual going on at 2307 Tamarind, garage apartment rear.

I think they're in charge of keeping the current intelligence info side of it updated, but even they don't know what it's for.

Think of it more as the bonus section on a DVD where you get the behind the scenes info, deleted scenes, and such.

Merrick could keep his ear to the ground and at the same time pass back info on the K.

He signed to her to stay silent, then went without a sound off the engawa info the swath of pebbles, the border of the front garden.

We can try everything from the size of the fire hose used to the materials the house was made of -- all that fire safety info and stuff that's in your set forms fire departments fill out.