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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ She heard the indrawn breath hiss sharply through his teeth, and felt the wave of emotion that washed over him.
▪ There was a brief silence like an indrawn breath.
▪ She couldn't prevent her tiny indrawn breath.
▪ From somewhere in the darkness, Sophie made little, stricken noises, all on an indrawn breath.
▪ He could hear her sharply indrawn breath, the effort it took not to comment.
▪ She started, her indrawn breath a soft hiss.
▪ Each indrawn breath was a little throaty snore.
▪ Her head shot round, her shocked gasp mingling with the audible hiss of sharply indrawn breath.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Indrawn \In"drawn`\, a. Drawn in.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also in-drawn, 1751, from in (adv.) + past tense of draw (v.). Middle English had indrawing "action of drawing in" (late 14c.). The plain verb indraw is rare, late 19c., and might be a back-formation.


a. 1 Having been drawn in. 2 Quiet, introspective.

  1. adj. tending to reserve or introspection; "a quiet indrawn man" [syn: withdrawn]

  2. made by drawing the breath in suddenly; "an indrawn gasp"; "her announcement was greeted with several indrawn breaths from around the table"

Usage examples of "indrawn".

Drumossie, and became aware a second too late of the indrawn breaths around him.

And then he no longer stood on Drumossie, and became aware a second too late of the indrawn breaths around him.

He heard an indrawn breath from Siri and was vaguely conscious of holding his own breath, but his entire attention was taken up by the baby tottering about inspecting her relatives.

Ignoring the collective indrawn breath of my chevaliers and a faint squeak of astonishment from Gemma, he tossed the scroll on the table.

A green bunting followed her with his characteristic note that sounded like an indrawn whistle, and the mimicking bush warbler repeated it again.

On their shared missions of extreme hazard, when life could be expunged within the space of the next indrawn breath, they had become closer than brothers ever could.

Think of the matter vortex, captured, indrawn, torn asunder, gyrating in a magnetic field so intense as to be well-nigh material itself, shaken by resonance, racked by chaos, flung back out in great bursts of flame and seething back down again, naked nuclei colliding and fusing and erupting in wild new particles, photons turned into pairs and pairs annihilating to photons, a lightning storm of energies, and pervasive beneath it the subtle, all-powerful tides of the vacuum, of ultimate reality.