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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Such a degree of hypocrisy can not be tolerated; it is morally indefensible, and in defiance of the rule of law.
▪ It is indefensible that in such a rich country so many people are poor.
▪ For a side that prides itself on its parsimonious nature, the case for the defence was frankly indefensible.
▪ If the hearings uncover some incontrovertible evidence of corruption he could look like a defender of the indefensible.
▪ If you came across a child drowning in a pond, then it would be indefensible not to act.
▪ The first proposal struck us as scientifically dubious, and the second as intellectually indefensible.
▪ There is no advantage to be gained by Opposition Members seeking to defend the indefensible.
▪ Valdez knew the score -- the deal was indefensible.
▪ We are forced to defend a system we know to be indefensible.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Indefensible \In`de*fen"si*ble\, [Pref. in- not + defensible: cf. OF. indefensible, indefensable.] Not defensible; not capable of being defended, maintained, vindicated, or justified; unjustifiable; untenable; as, an indefensible fortress, position, cause, statement, etc.

Men find that something can be said in favor of what, on the very proposal, they thought utterly indefensible.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1520s, from in- (1) "not, opposite of" + defensible. Related: Indefensibly.


a. 1 Not defensible; not capable of being defended; vulnerable. 2 Incapable of being justified or excused; inexcusable; unpardonable. 3 Incapable of being explained; untenable; insupportable; invalid.

  1. adj. (of theories etc) incapable of being defended or justified [syn: untenable]

  2. incapable of being justified or explained [syn: insupportable, unjustifiable, unwarrantable, unwarranted]

Usage examples of "indefensible".

Kaiku had always been stubborn and wilful, but to be an Aberrant was surely indefensible?

An ironist must pretend, and the classic ironist was Socrates, who in his discussions with others would relentlessly pretend ignorance and ask all kinds of naive questions designed to trap an overconfident adversary into rashly taking positions that then proved to be indefensible under further naive questioning by Socrates.

It is by adding to the observed phenomena an indefensible hypothesis that the error of traduction is obtained.

But on the unconsulted victim it came a cruel blow, unexpected and indefensible.

With almost bewildering speed and precision, he divided his forces to lure the Alemanni into indefensible valley positions, where they were surrounded.

The book was malignant from start to finish, they said, with grievous libels that were totally indefensible.

I fell to wondering what charm Victory had found in such a man as Snider, and why I insisted upon finding excuses for her and trying to defend her indefensible act.

The principle on which he acts is as indefensible as the personal or egoistical democracy of the slaveholders and their sympathizers.

But despite his victory, Aurelian had apparently decided that Dacia north of the river was indefensible, and was pulling the limits of the Empire back to the Danuvius.

Although it was his gut feeling, doubtless illogical and indefensible, that the sheer cussedness of his own species, despite its record of atrocity, would ultimately allow it to muddle through.

He felt a terrible dread that somehow none of these defenses should prove enough, and the strangelings come through the hills like floodwater remorselessly seeking out all the small and indefensible crannies and cracks until it spills through and drowns all before it.