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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Cooper believes the plan is fair and legally defensible.
▪ I pushed this one step forward and made it defensible at the local level, not the judicial level...
▪ If you think it defensible, go on.
▪ No one is more disciplined in adopting a defensible position.
▪ The Democrats have a perfectly defensible case to make, without continuing the fear-mongering.
▪ The highest defensible estimates are several times higher in energy, perhaps magnitude 9. 3 to 9. 5.
▪ There is no defensible basis for a global answer to this question.
▪ Unfortunately for the advertisers, the first battle has been over the least defensible product.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Defensible \De*fen"si*ble\, a. [Cf. F. d['e]fensable, LL. defensabilis, defensibilis. See Defense, and cf. Defendable.]

  1. Capable of being defended; as, a defensible city, or a defensible cause.

  2. Capable of offering defense. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 13c., from Old French defensable, from Late Latin defensibilem, from Latin defens-, past participle stem of defendere (see defend).


a. 1 (context of an installation etc English) capable of being defended against armed attack 2 (context of an argument etc English) capable of being justified


adj. capable of being defended [syn: defendable]

Usage examples of "defensible".

In a word, their credit being exhausted, and their creditors growing clamorous, they presented a petition to the house of commons, disclosing their distresses, and imploring such assistance as should enable them not only to pay their debts, but also to maintain the forts in a defensible condition.

He had a meeting with the local village elders, the fono, and pointed out that evicting them, while a defensible act, had its negative side.

In its least defensible form, it demands that scientific knowledge must be free of any subjective, nonscientific influences.

The positions chosen seem in each case to show that the British commander was not aware of the number and power of the Boer guns, for each was equally defensible against rifle fire and vulnerable to an artillery attack.

But psychochemicals that benefit the subject, that enable him or her to function as a normal human being, are certainly defensible.

There was plenty of work to do, particularly after snowfalls when the grounds had to be cleared and defensible berms built, but Morik managed to avoid most of it by feigning an injury from the battle that had brought them here.

Under a heavy fire he caused his troopers to fall back upon his transport, which had been left at a point a few miles out upon the Kroonstad Road, where three defensible kopjes sheltered a valley in which the cattle and horses could be herded.

The redoubts have always been a liabilitythey will serve the enemy better than they will serve us, as headquarters, defensible rallying positions.

Aidan's, of course) who thought that these two elaborated the services beyond what was defensible in terms of mainline Anglicanism and the spirit of the Thirty-Nine Articles.

But Sigholt was far more defensible and had better facilities for training and barracking troops.

And how, even then, could Port Kar fall, for she was a mass of holdings, each individually defensible, room to room, each separated from the others by the canals which, in their hundreds, crossed and divided the city?

There were about thirty of them, and while they had elected to sleep on the ground, they had still picked the most defensible site in the clearing, atop a small hillock, with clear lines of sight in all directions.

The fortifications were obviously meant to be equally defensible from either side, so that if an enemy made it over the wall, he would still have a hard fight for the gate tower.

The huge island of Moab was their choice, a place large and lush enough to provide a small lab and base for travel to other parts of the world but isolated enough with its high cliff walls and broad expanse of bay all around to be defensible against attack.

It was a good, defensible two-person formation, with master on point.