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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Incan \In"can\, a. Of or pertaining to the Incas.

Incan (disambiguation)

Incan is of or pertaining to the Incas, their culture or empire.

Incan may also refer to:

  • of or pertaining to Inca, Spain
  • Incan berries (also called golden berries), popular with some vegans

Usage examples of "incan".

The Huanuco Valley was little short of an industrial supply operation, churning out tons of the leaves that produced the stimulant that kept the Incan empire running.

He also knew I am something of an expert in Old Quechua and in the history of the Incan Empire and the fate of its peoples after their conquest by the Spanish conquistador Pizarro.

But Inti had promised Pachacutec that there would come a day when the path would reopen, a time when the Incan dynasty would begin again.