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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ This can be twisted and removed for use in inaccessible areas.
▪ It is a remote and inaccessible area and he would never have gone off in the dark.
▪ The bathroom is situated at the top of a flight of stairs, making it inaccessible to the disabled.
▪ The country consists mainly of dense jungles and inaccessible mountain ranges.
▪ These mountain villages are completely inaccessible in winter.
▪ This textbook would be inaccessible to my students.
▪ Bouvet Island, desolate, inaccessible and almost entirely icebound.
▪ From whatever inaccessible pit of bitterness the words reached out to touch an empty place in her own life.
▪ Homeworkers are often invisible and inaccessible.
▪ In less fertile and inaccessible regions, introducing free market forces and removing state subsidies brought poverty instead of wealth.
▪ In the north, only a small part of Sutherland remained to be surveyed but the area was relatively inaccessible.
▪ She could describe things like the difference between horses now and then, stuff that is virtually inaccessible.
▪ Some are very inaccessible and he has to wade through thick mud to get at them.
▪ They also enable you to tap into otherwise pretty inaccessible international markets.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Inaccessible \In`ac*cess"i*ble\, a. [L. inaccessibilis: cf. F. inaccessible. See In- not, and Accessible.] Not accessible; not to be reached, obtained, or approached; as, an inaccessible rock, fortress, document, prince, etc. -- In`ac*cess"i*ble*ness, n. -- In`ac*cess"i*bly, adv.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., from Middle French inaccessible (14c.), from Late Latin inaccessibilis "unapproachable," from in- "not" (see in- (1)) + accessibilis (see accessible). Related: Inaccessibly; inaccessibility. Earlier in same sense was unaccessible (c.1400).


a. 1 Not able to be accessed; out of reach; inconvenient. 2 Not able to be reached; unattainable. n. (context mathematics English) An uncountable regular cardinal number that is a limit cardinal.

  1. adj. capable of being reached only with great difficulty or not at all [syn: unaccessible] [ant: accessible]

  2. not capable of being obtained; "a rare work, today almost inaccessible"; "timber is virtually unobtainable in the islands"; "untouchable resources buried deep within the earth" [syn: unobtainable, unprocurable, untouchable]

Usage examples of "inaccessible".

This letter, however, gives the adolescent power over a proud and otherwise inaccessible adult woman, whom both he and his father are in love with.

The city covers about a zillion square miles of desert, but half of that is perched on inaccessible crags that even Angelites avoid.

Though the crowds were great and the Baptist had a new, young follower, he remained relatively inaccessible these days.

A second metaphysical objection to introspection is based on the premise that mental events in general, and all causally efficacious mental processes in particular, are unconscious and therefore inaccessible in principle to introspective observation.

After giving great attention to my story, she said that she did not think she could be doing wrong in telling a stranger the whereabouts of an individual who, in virtue of his office, ought never to be inaccessible.

In further speaking of his character Don Domingo told me that the ministers had good cause for making him inaccessible, as whenever anyone did succeed in getting at him and asked a favour, he made a point of granting it, as it was at such times that he felt himself really a king.

At a glance Disa Quennel appeared inaccessible, whatever was inside well concealed by an almost cold symmetry.

I have already told your grace, and if I have, I shall tell you again, that when your grace wishes to save a good deal of time and trouble in your ascent to the inaccessible summit of the temple of Fame, you need do nothing else but leave the narrow path of poetry and follow the even narrower one of knight errantry, which will suffice to make you an emperor in the blink of an eye.

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Several other girls I had known were widowed and in the country, or had become inaccessible in other ways.

Cyrus Harding, therefore, resolved to proceed without any further delay to the fabrication of a strong rope ladder, which, once raised, would render Granite House completely inaccessible.

After all, she has taken measures to keep this knowledge inaccessible.

Nevertheless, in Wysrod, Nai the Hever is inaccessible until I request his attention.

Other trade goods of the perverse little kingdom included valuable medicinal swamp herbs and kitchen spices, worrarn pelts and fedok skins, and certain curious ancient artifacts which the Oddlings procured from ruined cities deep in the most inaccessible reaches of the Mires.

What modem thought is to throw fundamentally into question is the relation of meaning with the form of truth and the form of being: in the firmament of our reflection there reigns a discourse - a perhaps inaccessible discourse -which would at the same time be an ontology and a semantics.