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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
easily accessible/available etc
▪ The castle is easily accessible by road.
readily accessible
▪ The information is readily accessible on the Internet.
▪ Beaumarchais/Livings is funnier, faster and subtler than, say, the average Whitehall farce and could be just as accessible.
▪ The new office will be twice as large and just as accessible as the old one, she said.
▪ Now, those in humans are as accessible as those in any other species.
▪ Alegr a writes with a clarity, simplicity and beauty that is as accessible as it is profound.
▪ For many, partnership remains cloaked in a monastic exclusivity, as accessible as the holy orders.
▪ The Shoctector has an easily accessible Test/Reset button to give you additional peace of mind each time you use it.
▪ Stax in Memphis was initially white-owned, easily accessible to outsiders, filled with leaders of all kinds.
▪ Never fear, it is a huge and easily accessible boot and has swallowed all a family of four needs.
▪ To do this, we need an easily accessible source of volatile materials.
▪ It is all fun and all the venues are easily accessible.
▪ This complementary pair of colors is easily accessible in cyclamen, poinsettias and berrying plants.
▪ Services organized across large District Health Authorities covering 200-300,000 people can not possibly provide a local, friendly, easily accessible service.
▪ Wraps growing popularity makes them easily accessible.
▪ Above all, parking must be immediately accessible to functions and must not involve crossing roads or car parks.
▪ Its implication that information, experience, and feelings presented in a pictorial form are readily and immediately accessible needs critical examination.
▪ At the moment there is no reason to suppose that this will lead to the Collection being either more or less accessible.
▪ They are also much less accessible from Earth than the other families of asteroids.
▪ But Soutine's painting was even less accessible than Modigliani's.
▪ Geographical and transport remoteness make areas less accessible to friends, relatives, some tourists and businessmen.
▪ Sign language is therefore less accessible than french, for example.
▪ Visits to Parliament and an open prison have given them insights into less accessible subjects.
▪ Why should people deny the co-operative principle by being deviant, making their meanings less accessible, their transactions therefore less effective?
▪ Other less accessible sources are given by Verkade.
▪ He is more accessible than most tycoons and is frequently seen dining in the works canteen at Wapping.
▪ No doubt an airport would make Ashland more accessible, but locals like it the way it is.
▪ And the C-based virtual object command language has been enlarged to over 500 commands, making the system more accessible to non-programmers.
▪ Food be-came more accessible and convenient to all but the poorest families.
▪ The ground became more accessible after June 1922 when Huddersfield Corporation started running buses direct to the south-west end.
▪ As a general rule, the more diluted the solution, the more accessible the minerals.
▪ ESRC-funding will enable this important literature to be made much more accessible to western social scientists.
▪ Cibo Matto, by contrast, takes a quieter and more accessible approach to its music.
▪ Discussion of the best or most accessible vein is strikingly similar to embalmers' discussions about arterial accessibility.
▪ Getting to even the most accessible monasteries requires a fair amount of walking and stair-climbing.
▪ Even so, its vibrant rhythms and gorgeous costumes make it Mr Chen's most accessible film so far.
▪ The Romans did not quarry the most accessible stones.
▪ It is no surprise that the gladiatorial sport of boxing was the most accessible route.
▪ The most accessible data which might serve as a yardstick is that on applicants' type of educational establishment.
▪ And make them your most accessible.
▪ Suddenly, a whole new planet was accessible; and not only accessible but available, unoccupied, deserted.
▪ Located south of Bahia de los Angeles, La Unica is only accessible by boat.
▪ However, Type Module is only accessible from the host node of a networked configuration.
▪ For the majority of the public the health service is only accessible for the purpose of treatment.
▪ When this is not publicly accessible, it's called an Intranet.
▪ There are now an estimated 30, 000 publicly accessible bulletin board systems operating nationwide.
▪ What principles do is to make private experience publicly accessible, open to discussion and capable of wider relevance.
▪ The information should be in a publicly accessible and easily understood form.
▪ Will we object in 75 years if our ancestor's medical records become publicly accessible?
▪ These books need to be readily accessible to pupils, both in the classroom and in the school library.
▪ They became permanent and readily accessible reference material in the painters' studios.
▪ Easy-to-learn performance and production techniques, together with readily accessible models in recorded form, change the way music is made.
▪ One of the more readily accessible sites, Las Fuentes workshop was located in an area of commercial maquila concentration.
▪ Respondents requested this information, and pointed out that it is not always readily accessible.
▪ When the sound timber is clean and readily accessible it can be treated with insecticide.
▪ Today the collection is one of the best in the country, and more readily accessible than that at Lord's.
▪ Plainly, this process is facilitated if the working areas are readily accessible, well lit and well ventilated.
▪ Organic surface horizons are often thicker than 50 centimetres, and peat-cutting is practised in easily accessible areas around lochs and roads.
▪ Moreover, tensions exist between the rural population and the town-dwellers who buy second homes in the more accessible areas of countryside.
▪ They are ideal for reaching into restricted or less accessible areas such as the corners of rooms, equipment pockets and channels.
▪ All of the ski resorts are accessible from the hotel via free public transportation.
▪ Because of the snow, many parts of the countryside are only accessible by helicopter.
▪ Griffey's fans say that he is very accessible and down-to-earth.
▪ He was specifically asked to write a play that would be accessible to the local community.
▪ I don't find James Joyce's writing very accessible.
▪ Penn's artwork has gradually become more accessible.
▪ Philip Glass has produced something very rare -- an accessible modern opera.
▪ The banks of the River Holbeck are easily accessible to walkers and anglers.
▪ We chose to live in this area because both New York and Boston are easily accessible from here.
▪ Acid cleaners are accessible to and are used only by senior supervisors.
▪ But the largest camp, Zwi-Hamussit, is accessible only by air.
▪ In a fashion context, unapproachable or intimidating artwork becomes accessible, even whimsical.
▪ Near vision tasks need to be presented in a way that ensures that materials can be easily accessible to handle.
▪ Resorts and private residences remain accessible.
▪ The contents page of the journal will always be freely accessible.
▪ The new office will be twice as large and just as accessible as the old one, she said.
▪ The Office has stopped subsidising one-day energy surveys for industry and commerce and there is little accessible public information.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Accessible \Ac*cess"i*ble\, a. [L. accessibilis, fr. accedere: cf. F. accessible. See Accede.]

  1. Easy of access or approach; approachable; as, an accessible town or mountain, an accessible person.

  2. Open to the influence of; -- with to. ``Minds accessible to reason.''

  3. Obtainable; to be got at.

    The best information . . . at present accessible.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, "affording access," from Middle French accessible, from Late Latin accessibilis, verbal adjective from Latin accessus "a coming near, approach" (see access (n.)). Meaning "easy to reach" is from 1640s; Of art or writing, "able to be readily understood," 1961 (a term not needed in the years before writing or art often deliberately was made not so).


a. 1 Easy of access or approach; approachable. 2 Easy to get along with. 3 Open to the influence of. 4 obtainable; to be got at. 5 (context art literature English) Easily understand. 6 Capable of being used or seen.

  1. adj. capable of being reached; "a town accessible by rail" [ant: inaccessible]

  2. capable of being read with comprehension; "readily accessible to the nonprofessional reader"; "the tales seem more approachable than his more difficult novels" [syn: approachable]

  3. easily obtained; "most students now have computers accessible"; "accessible money"

  4. easy to get along with or talk to; friendly; "an accessible and genial man"

Usage examples of "accessible".

Intracompany mail bins Policy: Intracompany mail bins must not be located in publicly accessible areas.

Display of company Confidential information Policy: Company information not designated for public release shall not be displayed in any publicly accessible areas.

Corporate structure information such as organization charts, hierarchy charts, employee or departmental lists, reporting structure, names, positions, internal contact numbers, employee numbers, or similar information that is used for internal processes should not be made available on publicly accessible Web sites.

Visitor access to network connections Policy: All publicly accessible Ethernet access points must be on a segmented network to prevent unauthorized access to the internal network.

Ethernet jacks installed in conference rooms, the cafeteria, training centers, or other areas accessible to visitors shall be filtered to prevent unauthorized access by visitors to the corporate computer systems.

Sending sensitive information by fax Policy: Before sending Sensitive information by fax to a machine that is located in an area accessible to other personnel, the sender shall transmit a cover page.

Much useful comparative information was obtained during the following minute of suspended ecstasy, during which the female tongues parted into thousands of fine tentacles, exploring every accessible cavity of the male bodies.

I am told that several worlds much like Earth exist in the Universe accessible from Joy Hall: that is, from my new platform.

It is accessible through the system of worldlet gates reached in External Hall.

Her internal states whilst coupled with Michael, Artemius and now Alfred are accessible on the network.

The city was accessible only by a narrow peninsula towards the west, as the other three sides were surrounded by the Adige, a rapid river, which covered the province of Venetia, from whence the besieged derived an inexhaustible supply of men and provisions.

Their skilful guide, changing his plan of operations, then conducted the army by a longer circuit, but through a fertile territory, towards the head of the Euphrates, where the infant river is reduced to a shallow and accessible stream.

Logos was particularly considered under the more accessible character of the Son of an Eternal Father, and the Creator and Governor of the world.

The immortal productions of Virgil, Cicero, and Livy, which were accessible to the Christian Barbarians, maintained a silent intercourse between the reign of Augustus and the times of Clovis and Charlemagne.

Hengist, who boldly aspired to the conquest of Britain, exhorted his countrymen to embrace the glorious opportunity: he painted in lively colors the fertility of the soil, the wealth of the cities, the pusillanimous temper of the natives, and the convenient situation of a spacious solitary island, accessible on all sides to the Saxon fleets.