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vb. (en-third-person singular of: implicate)

Usage examples of "implicates".

But is any one so blinded and twisted in his moral nature, and so far astray from the truth, as to think that, though a man ought to make away with himself for fear of being led into sin by the oppression of one man, his master, he ought yet to live, and so expose himself to the hourly temptations of this world, both to all those evils which the oppression of one master involves, and to numberless other miseries in which this life inevitably implicates us?

When, therefore, these things are found fault with as superstitious, he implicates in that fault the ancients who instituted and worshipped such images.

Nay, he implicates himself, who, with whatever eloquence he may strive to extricate himself and be free, was yet under the necessity of venerating these images.

Angelstone apparently claims to have found evidence that implicates my son in the deaths of two men.

Do you not find it is a rather extraordinary coincidence that the person who conducted the investigation hapĀ­pened upon evidence at the scene of the deaths that implicates a member of his own family?

Look at the dogs in the street, how everything implicates them, how everything is their concern, how they race towards great discoveries.

The confession of the negro implicates Watson as having engaged Cox to do the deed.