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Etymology 1 n. (imago English) Etymology 2

vb. (en-third-person singular of: imagine)

  1. n. (psychoanalysis) an idealized image of someone (usually a parent) formed in childhood

  2. an adult insect produced after metamorphosis

  3. [also: imagoes (pl), imagines (pl)]


See imago

Imagines (work by Philostratus)

Imagines is a work in Ancient Greek in two volumes describing and explaining various artworks. The first volume (consisting of an introduction and 31 chapters) is generally attributed to Philostratus of Lemnos, or possibly to his more famous father-in-law Philostratus of Athens. The second volume (consisting of 34 chapters) is by the grandson of Philostratus of Lemnos, known as Philostratus the Younger. It ostensibly describes 65 works of art seen by Philostratus in Naples. The entire work is framed in terms of explaining art, its symbols and meaning, to a young audience. The author of the work in the introduction states that the ten-year-old son of his host was the immediate cause of the composition of this work and that the author will structure the book and each of its chapters as if this boy is being addressed.

Usage examples of "imagines".

The reader who imagines that at these words rage gave place to love, and that I hastened to obtain the prize, does not know the nature of the passion so well as the vile woman whose plaything I was.

In her death dream she imagines that some animals escape from the zoo: a couple of young Asiatic Black Bears.

Fresh from lovemaking, Garp imagines that his scent is as keen as a cut strawberry.

Richmond, and she imagines the legions the place must harbor just below the historical surface, and laughs out loud, I think, as her punning answer occurs to her, with the added bonus of a message in it for me.

Some women are naturally expressive of those sentiments, but in the case of a whore one imagines a trainer.

She imagines them surviving and multiplying so successfully that they become famous as a new animal species in the valley of the Danube.

She eagerly longed to see a place in which she fancied charms short only of those which a raptured saint imagines in heaven.

He attended some lectures somewhere and imagines that the devil is no match for him.

These things are less like earthly land plants than the things one imagines among the rocks at the bottom of the sea.

One imagines him about the moon with the remorse of this fatal indiscretion growing in his mind.

I looked to see that all the contemplation had departed from his attitude, now as alert as that of a fox-terrier which imagines he has seen a rat.

He imagines them coming down the hundred thousand pier-towers, spreading out under his glass roof across the virgin grasslands, taking the things they find and building from them their homes.

Ashwin always imagines he can feel the drub of feet through the carbon steel skeleton of the tower.

Before I am shorn I shall have plucked and removed the beard of any man who imagines he can touch even a single hair of mine.