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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ilium \Il"i*um\, n. [See Ileum.] (Anat.) The dorsal one of the three principal bones comprising either lateral half of the pelvis; the dorsal or upper part of the hip bone. See Innominate bone, under Innominate. [Written also ilion, and ileum.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

lowest part of the small intestine, 1680s, medical Latin, from ileum, singular created from classical Latin plural ilia "groin, flank," in classical Latin, "belly, the abdomen below the ribs," poetically, "entrails, guts." Sense restriction and form apparently from confusion with Greek eileos (see ileus). Earlier in English ylioun (late 14c.), from Medieval Latin ileon. Related: Ileitis.


n. (context anatomy English) The last, and usually the longest, division of the small intestine; the part between the jejunum and large intestine.


n. the part of the small intestine between the jejunum and the cecum


The ileum is the final section of the small intestine in most higher vertebrates, including mammals, reptiles, and birds. In fish, the divisions of the small intestine are not as clear and the terms posterior intestine or distal intestine may be used instead of ileum.

The ileum follows the duodenum and jejunum and is separated from the cecum by the ileocecal valve (ICV). In humans, the ileum is about 2–4 m long, and the pH is usually between 7 and 8 (neutral or slightly alkaline).

''Ileum ''is derived from the Greek word eilein, meaning "to twist up tightly."

Ileum (band)

Ileum (stylized as iLEUM) was a Dutch grunge rock band. In January 2010, iLEUM announced on their website that they would disband.

Usage examples of "ileum".

The small intestine is from twenty to twenty-five feet in length, and consists of the Duodenum, Jejunum, and Ileum.

The woman recovered, but died five months later from a second attack of intussusception, the ileum rupturing and peritonitis ensuing.

Ilea continued, as her hair tickled his nose and he tucked it under his chin.

This noted operator performed, synchronously, double ovariotomy and resections of portions of the bladder and ileum, for a large medullary carcinomatous growth of the ovary, with surrounding involvement.

A section of the Ileum, turned inside out, so as to show the appearance and arrangement of the villi on an extended surface.

He wanted to have Rosa Marie punished, but when Ilea swore not to see her again, the king agreed to let her be.

Unknown to him though, princess Ilea has been secretly visiting the woman by sneaking out at night.

After a much-needed visit, both women agreed it was time for Ilea to go.

In fear that she would be caught, Ilea said her goodbyes after assuring herself that her friend would be okay.

While Ilea made her way around the large oak for a better look, she tripped on a root in the ground and fell before him.

In the middle of them all, he saw princess Ilea sitting next to her father.

He smiles at the thought of Princess Ilea as his personal servant and chuckles at the thought of her father dying a slow death.

His mother and Princess Ilea show their approval with a smile, as the king speaks.

Kady stood to one side, rain coming down hard on her, as he 290 L EG E N D exposed what looked pt, Ilea the vines away and .

Gus, who during a colonoscopy, higher than a kite on Demerol, asked his doctor if they had gotten to the ileum, because even with his brain cradled in opiates, Gus just liked to know.