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IKI, as an acronym, can stand for:

  • The Internationales Kulturinstitut in Vienna.
  • Internet-käyttäjät ikuisesti ("The Internet Users Forever"), a loosely organized group of early Finnish internet activists.
  • Iodine potassium-iodide, a chemical compound.
  • The Russian Space Research Institute originally known as IKI RAN.

The term Iki or iki can refer to:

  • Iki Island, a Japanese island between the island of Kyūshū and the Tsushima islands in the Tsushima Strait
    • Iki, Nagasaki, a city on Iki Island
  • Iki Province, a former province of Japan, now part of Nagasaki Prefecture
  • Iki (aesthetics)
  • iki (album), an album by Värttinä
  • The revised title of The Knights Who Say "Ni!" in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • The name of a chain of supermarkets in Lithuania, and previously in Latvia also, operated by Palink
Iki (aesthetics)

Iki (いき, English: roughly "chic, stylish") is a concept in aesthetics, the basis of which is thought to have formed among urbane commoners ( Chōnin) in Edo in the Tokugawa period. Iki is sometimes misunderstood as simply "anything Japanese", but it is actually a specific aesthetic ideal, distinct from more ethereal notions of transcendence or poverty. As such, samurai, for example, would typically, as a class, be considered devoid of iki, (see yabo). At the same time, individual warriors are often depicted in contemporary popular imagination as embodying the iki ideals of a clear, stylish manner and blunt, unwavering directness. The term became widespread in modern intellectual circles through the book The Structure of "Iki" (1930) by Kuki Shūzō.

Iki (album)

iki is Värttinä's 11th album (9th studio album), released in 2003. It continues Värttinä's trend of having more original compositions, while retaining a folk influence in the songs and their style.

iki was released on February 28, 2003 by BMG Finland in Finland, to coincide with Värttinä's 20th anniversary concert in Helsinki. Later in the spring of 2003, it was released by Frea in Benelux, Resistencia in Spain, Westpark Music in Germany, NorthSide in the United States, Koruna Music in Japan, and in the United Kingdom and France.

In Songlines' July/August 2003 issue, iki was the 24th selection on their "50 World Music Albums You Must Own".