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Ikarus (typography software)

Ikarus is a type design and production software developed by URW foundry, for converting existing typefaces and logos into digital format for use on computer driven printing, plotting and sign cutting devices.

It was licensed by major foundries such as Agfa-Compugraphic, Autologic, Berthold, ITC International Typeface Corporation, Letraset, Linotype, Monotype, Stempel, and others.

Its "IK" format was convertible into diverse vendor representations, including Type3 and Type1 PostScript formats as well as the TrueType format by Apple and Microsoft.

Ikarus uses a spline model of the outline shape of each character within a typeface to give a fully scalable representation. The curve segments are essentially circle arcs, with tangent continuity maintained at joins. It is a very simple format to manually mark up. Being a vector/curve based format, any rendering resolution can be attained (by rasterisation) with equal accuracy from one relatively small set of data. The Ikarus coordinates for a shape all fall on the outline of that shape (as opposed to Bézier curves where 'control' points can be inside or outside the outline).

The functionality of Ikarus can be expanded using plug-ins.

Ikarus (chess)

Ikarus is a computer chess program created by brothers Munjong and Muntsin Kolss.

Development began in 1997 and it competed in its first ICGA event in 1998 at the 9th World Computer Chess Championship, held in Paderborn, finishing in 26th place with 2 points from 7 games. Three years later in Maastricht it performed much more strongly, finishing in eighth place with 4.5/9 and scoring 5/9 for sixth place in the World Computer Speed Chess Championship.

Ikarus won the World Computer Speed Chess Championship, held in Turin in May 2006. It finished in ninth place at the World Championship main event.

Ikarus (Scheme implementation)

Ikarus Scheme is a free software optimizing incremental compiler for R6RS Scheme that compiles directly to the x86 architecture. Ikarus is the first public implementation of a large part of the R6RS Scheme standard.