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IDM may refer to:

Science and technology
  • Identity management, the management of the identity life cycle of an entity
    • Novell Identity Manager
  • IDM Computer Solutions
  • Integrated data management
  • Integrated document management
  • Intelligent device management, a type of enterprise software applications
  • Integrated device manufacturer, a type of semiconductor company which designs, manufactures, and sells integrated circuit products
  • Integrated Direct Metering, a real-time TTL metering method for ambient and flash light employed by the Pentax LX
  • Internet Download Manager, a closed source software download manager
  • Intelligent driver model, a microscopic traffic flow model
Internet Service Provider
  • IDM (ISP), also known as IncoNet-Data Management S.A.L.
  • Intelligent dance music, a subgenre of electronic music
  • Impact Direct Ministries, a non-profit organization
  • Intelligent design movement
  • Infant of a diabetic mother
IDM (music)

IDM, also known as IncoNet-Data Management S.A.L., is a Lebanese Internet Service Provider (ISP) and is one of the first ISPs to acquire a license in Lebanon. Established in 1995. They successfully continue to support new technologies and maintain peak performance to link individual and corporate segments with the global marketplace, and promise to continue offering innovative solutions at the best feature- or service-to-price ratio on the market.