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n. (plural of technology English)

Usage examples of "technologies".

Very much like mobile telephony - which allowed the countries in transition to skip massive investments in outdated technologies - the Internet was perceived to be a shortcut to prosperity.

Besides tracking content use and distribution, the DOI allows to seamlessly integrate hitherto disparate e-commerce technologies and facilitate interoperability among DRM systems.

E-publishing is at the forefront of software engineering, e-consumerism, intellectual property technologies, payment systems, conversion applications, the mobile Internet, and, basically, every important trend in network and computing and digital content.

The latter on the chaos we know as cyberspace and on user-averse technologies developed by geeks and nerds, rather than by marketers, users, and librarians.

Without exception, they relented and adopted the new technologies to their considerable commercial advantage.

Each such phase has been stifled by making it illegal to use new technologies to copy texts.

As technologies such as digital ink and printable integrated circuits mature - hardware and software will have completed their inevitable merger.

The new media technologies were designed by engineers and programmers - not by marketing people and users.

If you had to identify the five technologies with the maximal economic impact in the next two decades - what would they be?

The exponential growth of our capabilities in these areas will drive many of the other high-impact technologies mentioned below.

More than any one or two individual technologies, I believe that the combination and resulting synergy of multiple technologies will have the most dramatic and far-reaching effects on our societies.

Yet, in the context of our evolving societies, the benefits of these technologies, as with electricity and the telephone before them, will outweigh the dangers for many if not most people.

That said, however, it behooves us all to watch and participate in how these technologies are applied, and in what laws and safeguards are put in place, so that the end result is, quite literally, something that we can live with.

Similarly, today, school children happily take the most sophisticated of computing technologies in-stride, while many of their parents still flounder at setting the clock on the VCR - because the kids simply know no other rate of change.

Business processes and methods, plants, genetic material, strains of animals, minor changes to existing technologies - are all patentable.