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I-War (1997 video game)

I-War (known as Independence War in North America) is a space combat simulator developed by English development house Particle Systems. The game was first published in 1997 in Europe by Infogrames, and in late August of 1998 in North America. An additional campaign was designed, packaged with the original game and released in 1999 as Independence War Deluxe Edition in North America and Independence War Special Edition in Europe.

The sequel Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos was released in 2001.

I-War (1995 video game)

I-War (also known as Netwar) is a video game developed by Imagitec Design for the Atari Jaguar system released in 1995.

The player must enter the virtual world of a worldwide computer network nicknamed "I-Way" and fight computer viruses.

There are 21 different levels inside this " virtual reality" 3D video game. Enemy tanks, turrets, and bombers stand to impede the player's forward progress. Players can select between a fast tank, a medium tank, or a slow tank - with damage absorption capabilities being traded for speed the faster the tank is. The game can be saved at the end of each level. Levels are neatly sorted into enclosed chambers with one-way teleportation in order to avoid repeating levels. The number of enemy defenders automatically increases as each level is passed. Bonus rounds involve collecting data pods in an attempt to gain an extra life.


I-War may also refer to:

  • I-War (Atari Jaguar video game), a video game for the Atari Jaguar system
  • I-War (Independence War) (also known as Independence War), a space combat simulator video game
  • iWar, the term used by NATO to describe a form of Internet-based warfare
  • iWar (war dialer), a war dialer for Linux