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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I've never seen such terrible country; it was a constant stumble over grassy hummocks and peat-bogs.
▪ Squeezed by the pressure of the water, the ice had formed into towering hummocks in the center of the river.
▪ The hummocks denied any sure footing.
▪ The weeds on the path, crisp with frost, were slippery white hummocks in the darkness leading to the door.
▪ The wide belt of dune-land with its hummocks and scrubby grass growing out of the sand was deserted at that hour.
▪ These hummocks vary in size from coins to basketballs.
▪ Time after time I stumbled over some hummock of tough grass, and once I went into a creek up to my shoulders.
▪ Where the ground is slightly drier, in the coniferous woods, there are smooth rounded hummocks of a pale turquoise moss.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hummock \Hum"mock\, n. [Prob. a dim. of hump. See Hump.]

  1. A rounded knoll or hillock; a rise of ground of no great extent, above a level surface.

  2. A ridge or pile of ice on an ice field.

  3. Timbered land. See Hammock. [Southern U.S.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"knoll, hillock," 1550s, originally nautical, "conical small hill on a seacoast," of obscure origin, though second element is diminutive suffix -ock. In Florida, where the local form is hammock, it means a clump of hardwood trees on a knoll in a swamp or on a key.


n. 1 A small hill; a hillock; a knoll. 2 A ridge or hill of ice in an ice field.


n. a small natural hill [syn: knoll, mound, hillock, hammock]


A hummock is a small knoll or mound above ground. They are typically less than 15 meters in height and tend to appear in groups or fields. It is difficult to make generalizations about hummocks because of the diversity in their morphology and sedimentology. An extremely irregular surface may be called hummocky.

An ice hummock is a boss or rounded knoll of ice rising above the general level of an ice-field. Hummocky ice is caused by slow and unequal pressure in the main body of the packed ice, and by unequal structure and temperature at a later period.

Hummock (disambiguation)

A hummock is a mound or knoll, usually of earth or ice; it, with its derivatives hummocks and hummocky, may also refer to:

  • Bundaberg Hummock, volcanic remnant in Queensland, Australia
  • Hummock Island, Falkland Islands
  • Hummock Lake, Idaho, USA
  • Hummocks Range, South Australia
  • Kitts Hummock, Delaware, USA
  • Moswetuset Hummock, historic place in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA
  • Three Hummock Island, Tasmania, Australia
  • Three Hummocks Islands, Northern Territory, Australia
  • Two Hummock Island, Antarctica
  • Hummocky cross-stratification, sedimentary structure found in sandstones
  • Hummocks Watchman Eagles Football Club, South Australia

Usage examples of "hummock".

Some of the cross-tie tree trunks would be lying across hummocks of fairly solid ground, others would lie mushily on a patch of mud, and others would simply be floating like pontoons on the water.

She veered away to the left at approximately thirty degrees to the muchness and trotted forward through the polychromatic hummocks and hillocks, keeping an eye open.

To the south, beyond a creek whose further bank was a raw edge of gleaming mud hummocks tufted with dark spriggy heaths and veined with waterways that shone white under the cold sky, there stretched a great quiet plain.

They had gone about halfway across the white, sandy level between the hill and the hummock behind which Tom Chist lay, when the white man stopped and bent over as though to tie his shoe.

The command car bucked over hummocks of cogon grass while the boys held on to keep from being tossed out.

Mountain, down toward the hummocked plain below, down as far as Icebones could see until it dwindled to a silvery thread invisible against the red-blue clutter of the layered rock.

Harry Jnr turned from where he supervised the rebuilding of the wall, turned to glance at a rising hummock of ground a little way apart.

Underfoot the going got mushier, until they were hopping from hummock to hummock, and the hummocks were getting fewer and farther.

Its uneven surface was studded with countless grassy hummocks, many of them crowned with willow and alder bushes or gnarled and stunted spruces or jack pines.

Dotson Barbtail and Sunglow had found a place to stand on one of the many low hummocks that were scattered in the gap between the arms of bluff.

Jim was pressing his face to the window, looking out the other side of the bus, not at his own land but at the fields that sloped down towards the old Tufts place, now nothing more than a grassy 110 hummock.

He wore boxer shorts, decorated with small red emblems, and a sleeveless undervest taut over the vast hummock of his midsection.

This stretch of ice was -- with the exception of a few quite small hummocks of the shape of haycocks -- perfectly flat and free from crevasses.

His position was even stronger than before: rising ground sheltered from flank assaults by hummocks of broken rock.

Then, following a sudden impulse, he turned and cut off across the sand hummocks, skirting around inland, but keeping pretty close to the shore, his object being to spy upon them, and to watch what they were about from the back of the low sand hills that fronted the beach.