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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Howdah \How"dah\, n. [Ar. hawdaj.] A seat or pavilion, generally covered, fastened on the back of an elephant, for the rider or riders. [Written also houdah.]


n. 1 A seat, usually with a canopy, carried on the back of an elephant or camel. 2 An ornate carriage which is positioned on the back of elephants or occasionally other animals, used most often in the past for rich people who travelled in India via elephant.


n. a (usually canopied) seat for riding on the back of a camel or elephant [syn: howdah]

Usage examples of "houdah".

Thinking then of the fair Egyptian, insensibly his gait became slower, and at length fell into the merest loiter, until finally he could discern a curtained houdah, and two persons seated within it.

He threw the curtains of the houdah up, looked at the sun, surveyed the country on every side long and carefully, as if to identify an appointed place.

Presently, raising the curtain of the houdah, she spoke to Ben-Hur, who sat his horse near by.

A little later, full into view swung a duplication of his own dromedary, tall and white, and bearing a houdah, the travelling litter of Hindostan.