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Hoth is a fictional ice planet that appears in the Star Wars fictional universe. It first appeared in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back and has also been a setting in Star Wars books and video games. Hoth is depicted as the sixth planet of a remote system of the same name. It is a terrestrial planet blanketed by snow and ice. Many meteorites from a nearby asteroid belt pelt the planet's surface, making temporary craters in the planet's ever-moving snow drifts. Hoth has six moons, all uninhabited. Its native creatures include the wampa and the tauntaun; both of these creatures appear in The Empire Strikes Back.

Hoth (disambiguation)

Hoth is a fictional planet in the Star Wars universe.

Hoth may also refer to:

  • Höðr or Hoth, a god in Norse mythology
  • Hoth Inc., a North American airline holding company
  • Houses of the Holy, the 1973 album by Led Zeppelin