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Horologium (constellation)

Horologium is a faint constellation in the southern sky. It was devised by French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille in 1752, and it remains one of the 88 modern constellations. The constellation's brightest star is Alpha Horologii, an orange giant. R Horologii is a red giant Mira variable with one of the widest ranges in brightness known. Two star systems have exoplanets, while Nu Horologii has a debris disk.


Horologium may refer to:

In horology (the science of time-keeping):

  • Various types of ancient and medieval clocks, such as:
    • Sundial; notably, the Solarium Augusti, a sun marker built by Augustus
    • Hourglass
    • Water clock
    • Turret clock
    • A combination of the aforementioned, like the Tower of the Winds
  • Old astronomical clocks; notably, the Antikythera mechanism
  • Book of hours or horologion, manuscripts containing a daily schedule of prayers

In astronomy:

  • Horologium (constellation)
  • Horologium Supercluster

Usage examples of "horologium".

It is as if a Horologium does not show the twelve hours, but the twenty-four.

In this Horologium moves the hand or arrow towards the twenty-four, and to the right of the twenty-four it was yesterday, and to the left, today.

Thanks to it the observer could know that Horologium Catholicum mentioned before, with the hour at the Jesuit missions on every meridian.

And after he publishes his Horologium Oscillatorium, in which he elaborates on Galileo’s intuitions about the pendulum, who summons him to Paris?