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red giant

n. (context star English) A large red coloured star with a lower surface temperature than many stars.

red giant

n. a large cool star; has a relatively low surface temperature and a diameter large relative to the sun [syn: red giant star]

Red Giant (horse)

Red Giant (foaled February 28, 2004 in Kentucky) is an American Thoroughbred racehorse who in September 2008 set a world record for 1¼ miles on Turf.

Trained by Todd Pletcher, at Colonial Downs in New Kent County, Virginia, Red Giant notably won the July 21, 2007 Virginia Derby in course record time. He suffered an ankle injury in early October that kept him out of racing until August 2008. He returned to win the Fourstardave Handicap on Turf at Saratoga Race Course under jockey John Velazquez. He was then sent to Santa Anita Park in California where Velazquez rode him to victory in the Grade I Clement L. Hirsch Turf Championship Stakes in a world record time of 1:57.16 for 1¼ miles on Turf.

Red giant

A red giant is a luminous giant star of low or intermediate mass (roughly 0.3–8 solar masses in a late phase of stellar evolution. The outer atmosphere is inflated and tenuous, making the radius large and the surface temperature as low as 5,000 K and lower. The appearance of the red giant is from yellow-orange to red, including the spectral types K and M, but also class S stars and most carbon stars.

The most common red giants are stars on the red-giant branch (RGB) that are still fusing hydrogen into helium in a shell surrounding an inert helium core. Other red giants are the red-clump stars in the cool half of the horizontal branch, fusing helium into carbon in their cores via the triple-alpha process; and the asymptotic-giant-branch (AGB) stars with a helium burning shell outside a degenerate carbon–oxygen core, and a hydrogen burning shell just beyond that.

Usage examples of "red giant".

On their ancient star charts it was listed as a red giant, named Tonsil -239-e, which meant it was of the fifth magnitude and very distant.

In a few million years, Eta would be entering the stage of the final consumption of its hydrogen, thereby becoming a red giant.

Meanwhile the outer layers of the sun will expand into a massive red giant, 250 times its present diameter.

To make it old before its time, to balloon it to a red giant that would reach out to Earth’.

An tares, an Mi red giant, paired like Aldeberan, two hundred and fifty light years from earth, encircled by two hundred and fifty planetoids of the size of Mercury, of the climate of Eden….

Its color changed to blue as it inflated to enormous size, bigger even than the red giant had been.

If need be, he could field the rain of toads and the demon, but those would hardly be potent against his thralls, since they knew the illusionary nature of the amphibians and red giant.