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HooX (Host object oriented conneXion) is a software product line allowing communication between mainframes and applications running on the Java EE or .NET frameworks. The product was announced in 2001 and its general shipping availability in 2002. The mainframes must run the GCOS 7, GCOS 8 or MVS operating systems. It is based on the GCOS TCP/IP Enterprise Access library.

HooX J2EE Connector implements the Java EE Connector Architecture to allow mainframes to communicate with Java applications running on any Java EE-compliant application server running on AIX or Windows.

HooX JMS does the same thing in an asynchronous way through the Java Message Service. Internally, communication with the Java EE server is achieved through the server's JMS feature and a JMS agent on the GCOS side.

HooX COM+ allows mainframes to communicate with .NET applications.