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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hooky \Hook"y\ (h[oo^]k"[y^]), n. [Written also hookey.] [Cf. Hook, v. t., 3.] A word used only in the expression to play hooky, to be truant, to run away; -- used mostly of youths absent from school without a valid reason and without the knowledge of their parents. Also (figuratively and jocosely), to be absent from duty for frivolous reasons.

This talk about boys . . . playing ball, and ``hooky,'' and marbles, was all moonshine.
--F. Hopkinson Smith.


Hockey \Hock"ey\, n. [From Hook, n.]

  1. A game in which two parties of players, armed with sticks curved or hooked at the end, attempt to drive any small object (as a ball or a bit of wood) toward opposite goals.

  2. The stick used by the players. [Written also hookey and hawkey.]


n. truancy, especially from school.

Hookey (surname)

Hookey is the surname of:

  • Gordon Hookey (born 1961), Australian aboriginal artist
  • Lee Hookey (born 1979), Australian rugby league player
  • Scott Hookey (born 1967), Australian cricketer

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  • Russell Hookey (born 1974), radio and television journalist and broadcaster

Usage examples of "hookey".

But it is a question as to who knows such games as My Lady Coventry, All Fours, Snip Snap Snorum, Old Maid, Commerce, Put, Pope Joan, Brag, Blind Hookey, Loo, etc.

If Tom Sawyer enjoyed himself more in watching a dog play with a pinch-bug in church than in listening to a doctrinal sermon, if he had a better time playing hookey than in attending the execrably dull school, Mark Twain is eager to expose the hypocrisy of those who would misrepresent Tom's real attitude toward church and school.

I'm talking to you about a defector from your own damn section, I'm accusing you of playing hookey with him behind my back, of taking part in damn-fool parlour games when you don't know the stakes involved, and all you do is shrug at me down the table.

They followed the little boys and girls on their way to church lest they play hookey.

He watched them go regretfully, more than a little tempted to play hookey himself.

And as I stood there on that rickety landin in my wet galoshes, I knew well enough why I'd chosen to be on those stairs that are so rotted not even the hellions will play on em after school lets out, or on the days when they play hookey.

He would not play hookey, even when his sober judgment told him it was the most profitable thing he could do.