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The Collaborative International Dictionary

honey eater \honey eater\, honey-eater \honey-eater\n. One of numerous species of small passerine birds of the family Meliphagid[ae] having tongue and bill adapted for extracting nectar, abundant in Australia and Oceania; -- called also honeysucker.

Syn: honeysucker.


alt. A honeyeater. n. A honeyeater.


n. Australasian bird with tongue and bill adapted for extracting nectar [syn: honey eater]


Honeysucker may refer to:

  • Honeyeater, a bird
  • Honeysucker (truck), a vacuum truck used to empty septic tanks and latrines

Usage examples of "honeysucker".

There were also many palms, some of them more than one hundred feet high, and the largest and most beautiful tree ferns that I ever saw, about which hung clouds of jewelled honeysuckers and great-winged butterflies.

I understand that Moahu is no great way from Hawaii, which is known to possess a wide variety of honeysuckers and even a gallinule with a scarlet forehead.