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n. (context genetics English) A short sequence of DNA that is shared by several genes involved in the morphogenesis of many organisms.


n. one of various similar homeotic genes that are involved in bodily segmentation during embryonic development [syn: homeobox gene]


A homeobox is a DNA sequence, around 180 base pairs long, found within genes that are involved in the regulation of patterns of anatomical development ( morphogenesis) in animals, fungi and plants. These genes encode homeodomain protein products that are transcription factors sharing a characteristic protein fold structure that binds DNA. The "homeo-" prefix in the words "homeobox" and "homeodomain" stems from the mutational phenotype known as " homeosis", which is frequently observed when these genes are mutated in animals. Homeosis is a term coined by William Bateson to describe the outright replacement of a discrete body part with another body part.

Usage examples of "homeobox".

There is much promise of deciphering the skeletal developments of primates through Homeobox genes.

None of the inhabitants were of human descent, the ship said, and except for a few primitive races they all had an artificial homeobox inserted within their genetic material.

She found that the people of the capital city, Ys, were eager to help, and she began to suspect what the inserted homeobox coded for.

With the discovery of homeobox genes they have been rejuvenated in a more sophisticated form.