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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
home page

also homepage, 1993, from home (n.) + page (n.).

home page

n. 1 The main or first page of a web site or set of hyperlinked documents. 2 The page set to open in a web browser or hypertext system when it starts up, or when its home function is invoked.

Home page

A home page is the initial or main web page of a website. It is sometimes called main page. It may be written as homepage as well.

Home Page (film)

Home Page was a 1999 documentary by Doug Block on the genesis of weblogs and the lives of early independent content producers on the Internet. It was filmed between 1996 and 1998. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and was released in limited theaters in New York City, while being made available on home video and on iFilm, simultaneously.

Home page (disambiguation)

Home Page or home page may refer to:

  • Home page, a generic term for website's front page
  • The start page of a web browser
  • A webserver directory index (index.hml page)
  • Personal web page, a WWW page (or a whole site) created by an individual with content of a personal nature
  • Home Page (film), a documentary on weblogs
  • Home Page (TV series), a Canadian technology television show
  • IBM Home Page Reader, a computer program
Home Page (TV series)

Home Page was a technology television that aired show on CablePulse 24, hosted by Omar Sachedina.

Original host David Onley left the program, after being appointed Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. He was replaced by Amber MacArthur on departure, and soon after Jee-Yun Lee took over, when MacArthur resigned. Jee-Yun Lee once again resigned from Home Page in 2009 and was replaced by Omar Sachedina. CTV announced that Home Page would end with its last broadcast on October 7, 2009, and therefore being replaced by new show, Webnation effective October 14, 2009 and hosted by former Home Page host Amber MacArthur.