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Holl is a surname that may refer to:

  • Adolf Holl (b. 1930), Austrian Roman Catholic theologian
  • Francis Holl (1815–1884), English engraver, son of William Holl the Elder
  • Frank Holl (1845–1888), English painter
  • John Holl (1802–1869), Canadian politician
  • Steven Holl (b. 1947), American architect
  • William Holl the Elder (1771–1838), English engraver
  • William Holl the Younger (1807–1871), English engraver, son of William Holl the Elder

Usage examples of "holl".

God for all de big black men dat can holler for Governor Hampton as loud as dis one does.

Den he flop down fudder, ole Brer Buzzard did, twel he lit on de top er de holler tree.

Charles Fifield and Charly Batcheldor and Chick Randall and Jimmy Josie jest putting it for the ingine house, and Beany said buly they is a fire, and we begun to ring the bell as hard as we cood and holler fire.

The bartender give a holler and fell backwards into a tub of water and empty beer bottles, and started yelling for help, and I seen a man come to one of the doors which opened into the bar, and look at me.