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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Holdup \Hold"up\ (h[=o]ld"[u^]p`), n.

  1. a robbery, usually at gunpoint.

  2. a delay. ``What's the holdup?''

  3. highway robbery[2].


n. (alternative spelling of hold-up English)

  1. n. robbery at gunpoint [syn: armed robbery, heist, stickup]

  2. the act of delaying; inactivity resulting in something being put off until a later time [syn: delay]

Usage examples of "holdup".

Wilshire, Washington Blvd near La Brea, liquor store owner shot in holdup.

Country folks have come forward to report glimpses of one or two gals riding sidesaddle in the distance after a holdup.

Her first thought was that there'd been complications, or some holdup at the hospital and she'd beaten Roarke home.

The last crime was a holdup that had been bungled thanks to Duane's drug-ridden state.

Only one holdup man tried that stretch, and the stage just ran off and left him standing there.

He had driven stage, ridden shotgun for Wells Fargo, during which time he killed a holdup man and wounded his partner.

Do not help a holdup man to claim that he acts as your friend and benefactor.

As gangster, thug, holdup man and second-story artist Billy had found food for his appetite within the dismal, sooty streets of Chicago's great West Side, and then Fate had flung him upon the savage shore of Yoka to find other forms of adventure where the best that is in a strong man may be brought out in the stern battle for existence against primeval men and conditions.

In one version, the holdup man spun toward him, gun in hand, and Elliott had to face him with an unloaded revolver.

Ackerman said, talking as he emptied the register, taking note of the holdup man's physical appearance as he did so.

Then came the gang, the regular trips, the one thing and another till, before we knew it–before I knew it–we had shady deals, holdups, and MURDERS on our record.

I understand that sometimes there have been holdups on some of the yachts that were moored in the harbor--vicious young thugs who get aboard a yacht and commit all sorts of atrocities--tie up the men, submit the women to indignities, take money and all of that.

While we're standing here right now, there are liquor store holdups, convenience store holdups, hunters blowing each other to smithereens four months before deer season opens—"

Bank holdups, snatches of payrolls, thefts of consignments of jewels sent through the mail, train robberies.

Last week when there was a holdup at the bank, I was too busy giving myself a home perm to investigate.