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The Collaborative International Dictionary

hogan \hogan\ n. An earth-covered Navajo lodge; it is traditionally built with the entrance facing east.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"Navaho Indian dwelling," 1871, American English, from Athapaskan (Navaho) hoghan "dwelling, house."


n. A one-room Navajo dwelling or ceremonial lodge, constructed of wood and earth and covered with mud.


A hogan ( or ; from Navajo ) is the primary, traditional dwelling of the Navajo people. Other traditional structures include the summer shelter, the underground home, and the sweat house. A hogan can be round, cone-shaped, multi-sided, or square; with or without internal posts; timber or stone walls and packed with earth in varying amounts or a bark roof for a summer house, with the door facing east to welcome the rising sun for good wealth and fortune.

Today, while some older hogans are now still used as dwellings and others are maintained for ceremonial purposes, new hogans are rarely intended as family dwellings.

Traditional structured hogans are also considered pioneers of energy efficient homes. Using packed mud against the entire wood structure, the home was kept cool by natural air ventilation and water sprinkled on the dirt ground inside. During the winter, the fireplace kept the inside warm for a long period of time and well into the night. This concept is called thermal mass.

Hogan (surname)

Hogan is an Irish surname. If derived from the Irish Gaelic, Ó hÓgáin, it is diminutive of Og meaning "young". If it is derived from Cornish, it means "mortal". This youthful definition of the name is also reflected in the Welsh, where Hogyn means stripling.

The name has been further Anglicised to the form " Hagan" in Northern Ireland.

People with the surname include:

  • Allan Hogan (born 1943), Australian journalist
  • Anni Hogan (born 1961), British musician and composer
  • Ben Hogan (1912–1997), American golfer
  • Blaine Hogan (born 1980), American actor
  • Bosco Hogan (fl. late 20th century), Irish actor
  • Brigid Hogan-O'Higgins (born "Hogan" 1932), Irish politician
  • Chris Hogan (fl. late 20th century), American actor
  • Chuck Hogan, American writer
  • Daniel Hogan (sailor) (died 1818), American naval seaman, namesake of the USS Hogan (DD-178)
  • Daniel Hogan (Irish politician) (1899–1980), Irish Fianna Fáil politician, TD for Laois-Offaly and later a Senator
  • Danny Hogan (1880–1928), American participant in organized crime
  • Darcy Hogan (born 1975), American playwright
  • Darrell Hogan, American football player
  • David Hogan (composer) (1949–1996), American composer and choir director
  • Desmond Hogan (born 1950), Irish writer
  • Edmond Hogan (1883–1964), Australian politician
  • Gabriel Hogan (born 1973), Canadian actor
  • Happy Hogan (baseball) (1877–1915), American baseball player
  • Hector Hogan (1931–1960), Australian Olympic athlete
  • Henry Hogan (1840–1916), American army soldier
  • Inez Hogan (1895–1973), American author and book illustrator
  • Jack Hogan (born 1929), American actor
  • James Hogan (disambiguation)
  • Jimmy Hogan (1882–1974), British footballer
  • João Hogan (1914–1988), Portuguese artist
  • John Hogan (disambiguation)
  • Jonathan Hogan (born 1951), American stage and television actor
  • Joseph Lloyd Hogan (1916–2000), American Roman Catholic bishop
  • Larry Hogan (born 1956), governor of Maryland
  • Lawrence Hogan (born 1928), American politician
  • Lester Hogan (born 1920), American scientist
  • Liam Hogan (born 1989), English footballer
  • Liam Hogan (hurler) (1939–2014), Irish hurler
  • Marty Hogan (1869–1923), Anglo-American baseball player
  • Michael Hogan (disambiguation)
  • Moses Hogan (1957–2003), American composer and arranger of choral music
  • Noel Hogan (born 1971), Irish musician
  • Patrick Hogan (disambiguation)
  • Paul Hogan (disambiguation)
  • Peter Hogan (fl. late 20th century), British comics writer
  • Phil Hogan (born 1960), Irish politician
  • Raymond Hogan (1932-1995), Australian cricketer
  • Robert Hogan (disambiguation)
  • Seán Hogan (1901-1968), Irish Republican
  • Sean Hogan (fl. late 20th century), Canadian singer-songwriter
  • Shawn Hogan (born 1975), American entrepreneur
  • Simon Hogan (born August, 1988), Australian rules footballer
  • Thomas F. Hogan (born before 1950), American judge
  • Tom Hogan (born 1956), Australian cricketer
  • William Hogan (disambiguation)
Hogan (band)

Hogan are a four-piece pop rock band from Offaly, Ireland consisting of Mark Hogan (vocals, guitar), Wayne Brereton (guitar) and Ronan Nolan (drums).

Hogan (given name)

Hogan is the given name of:

  • Hogan Bassey (1932-1998), Nigeria's first world boxing champion
  • Hogan Ephraim (born 1988), English footballer
  • Hogan Jimoh (born 1955), Nigerian boxer of the 1970s and '80s
  • Hogan McLaughlin (born 1989), American fashion designer, artist, dancer and musician
  • Hogan Sheffer (born 1958), American television writer
Hogan (disambiguation)

A hogan is a Navajo dwelling.

Hogan may also refer to:


  • Hogan (surname)
  • Hogan (given name)
  • Hulk Hogan, American wrestler
  • Brooke Hogan, American singer and reality television personality, daughter of Hulk Hogan
  • Nick Hogan, American reality television personality, son of Hulk Hogan
  • Horace Hogan, American wrestler, nephew of Hulk Hogan


  • Hogan Island, in southeastern Australia, largest of Hogan's Group
  • Hogan Township, Pope County, Arkansas
  • Hogan Township, Dearborn County, Indiana

Other uses:

  • Hogan Cup, an Irish football championship trophy
  • Hogan Racing, an American car racing team
  • USS Hogan (DD-178) (1919–1945), a United States Navy destroyer
  • Hogan Hall, primarily a dormitory of Columbia University
  • Hogan Preparatory Academy, a charter high school in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Hogan (band), an Irish pop rock band
  • Hogan Wings, a model aircraft brand owned by Herpa Wings
  • Hogan (shoe), a shoe trademark made by Tod's

Usage examples of "hogan".

The flak bursts ceased exploding nearby, but Hogan was under no illusion that it was his brilliant airmanship that threw them off.

Little Bear family shamans left the hogan while Father Ombroz administered the last anointing to his oldest convert.

Real Compaflia Irlandesa low ered the corpse into the deep grave, then Hogan, Sharpe and Harper took off their hats as ather Sarsfield said the prayers in Latin and afterwards spoke in English to the twenty guardsmen.

Hogan heard the volley, very distantly, and then came the bells clamouring and he straightened his uniform, took off his bicorne hat, and went into the Cathedral.

But when reporter Marshall Hogan and pastor Hank Busche begin to compare notes, they suddenly find themselves fighting a hideous plot to subjugate the townspeople-and eventually the entire human race.

Both Hogan and Busche are now laying the foundation we need for this battle.

I guess the arrests of Busche and Hogan have a lot of people riled-church people, I might add!

Yes, this would be Hogan the hound and the praying man, Busche, and the one person Strongman would be the most loath to see alive: the Maidservant.

Killer Durgan, recognizable as he leaned from the front seat, sought to avenge the death of Hoke Larrigan and he made Spunk Hogan his target.

All in all, the house and the surrounding land contained the remains of 15 bodies but Gein himself admitted that he had murdered only two - Worden and Mary Hogan, a tavern keeper on December 8, 1954.

Hogan might want the Real Compania Irlandesa destroyed, but Sharpe needed it armed and dangerous in case Brigadier Loup came calling.

Hogan had written that El Mirador was guarded, but he had not named names.

But, of course, when they turned off the pavement of Navajo Route 32 and jolted down the road past the old Crystal trading post and up the crooked tracks into the aspen grove where Barbone had built his hogan, they discovered that Hosteen Barbone was not at home.

Beside Barbone, against the south wall of the hogan, sat a woman who looked even older than Barbone.

Frank Adams, my superior, sent me on this assignment, just as he recruited Mano and Hogan.