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n. (plural of hoe English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: hoe)


' Hoes' is a Dutch surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Abbey Hoes (born 1994), Dutch actress
  • Hannah Hoes Van Buren (1783–1819), wife of U.S. President Martin Van Buren
  • Isa Hoes (born 1967), Dutch actress
  • L. J. Hoes (born 1990), American baseball player
  • Onno Hoes (born 1961), Dutch mayor, brother of Isa

Usage examples of "hoes".

The first row were making holes with shovels, hoes, billhooks, and sticks.

When they reached the house they found the door torn away and the thatch from the roof gone and within their hoes and rakes that they had left were gone, so only the bare rafters and the earthen walls remained, and even the earthen walls were torn down with the belated snows and the rains of winter and early spring.

He went away to the town and he bought a good new plow of hard wood and two rakes and two hoes and mats to cover the roof until they could grow thatch again from the harvest.

So after he had bade them mend the thatching of the old house and see to the setting of the tiles where the new roof leaked and had commanded them to mend the hoes and the rakes and the plows and to feed the cattle and to buy ducks to herd upon the water and to twist hemp into ropes---all those things which in the old days he did himself when he tilled his land alone---his own hands were empty and he did not know what to do with himself.

And visions of them, as he was accustomed to pass them in the lanes, slouching along with their straw bags, their hoes, and their shamefaced greetings, passed before him.

Hooks, lines, barbed fishing spears, and stone hoes and adzes were in corners.