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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dun \Dun\, a. [AS. dunn, of Celtic origin; cf. W. dwn, Ir. & Gael. donn.] Of a dark color; of a color partaking of a brown and black; of a dull brown color; swarthy.

Summer's dun cloud comes thundering up. -- Pierpont.

Chill and dun Falls on the moor the brief November day.

Dun crow (Zo["o]l.), the hooded crow; -- so called from its color; -- also called hoody, and hoddy.

Dun diver (Zo["o]l.), the goosander or merganser.

Usage examples of "hoddy".

We have a man whom Coordinator Natalenko has secured for us, a native New Texan, Hoddy Ringo by name.

On the ship, in fact, Hoddy would definitely have given his life to save mine.

I might be able to get Hoddy drunk enough to talk, yet still be sober enough myself to remember what he said.

When I got back to the suite, Hoddy had put on his pistols and was practicing quick draws in front of the mirror.

It showed a technological level quite out of keeping with the accounts I had read, or the stories Hoddy had told, about the simple ranch life of the planet.

I shook hands with him, introduced Hoddy, and offered my cigarette case around.

He looked at Hoddy, who, for the first time since I had met him, was trying to shrink into the background.

He caught sight of Hoddy Ringo, bringing up the rear and stopped short, hand flying to open mouth.

I had been building myself a New Texas stereotype from Hoddy Ringo and the Ranger officer who had chased us to the Embassy.

With Hoddy Ringo driving the car, I arrived about 1000, and was welcomed by Gail and her father, who had flown out the evening before, after the barbecue.

Hickock ranch on Sunday afternoon and while Hoddy guided our air-car back to New Austin, I had a little time to revise some of my ideas about New Texas.

I had reached the point in my thinking where I had decided it was useless to keep Hoddy and Stonehenge apart except as an exercise in mental agility.

Hoddy looked around nervously, as though he could already hear an army of New Texas Rangers, each with a warrant for Hoddy Ringo, battering at the gates.

While I was introducing Hoddy Ringo as my attache extraordinary, which was no less than the truth, the defense party came in.

Natalenko has secured for us, a native New Texan, Hoddy Ringo by name.