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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Another excellent chapter deals with the greenhouse effect and ozone depletion, which Brennan admits is a personal hobbyhorse.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hobby \Hob"by\, Hobbyhorse \Hob"by*horse`\, n. [OE. hobin a nag, OF. hobin hobby; cf. hober to stir, move; prob. of German or Scand. origin; cf. Dan. hoppe a mare, dial. Sw. hoppa; perh. akin to E. hop to jump.]

  1. A strong, active horse, of a middle size, said to have been originally from Ireland; an ambling nag.

  2. A stick, often with the head or figure of a horse, on which boys make believe to ride. [ Usually under the form hobbyhorse.]

  3. A subject or plan upon which one is constantly setting off; a favorite and ever-recurring theme of discourse, thought, or effort; that which occupies one's attention unduly, or to the weariness of others; a ruling passion.

    Not one of them has any hobbyhorse, to use the phrase of Sterne.


n. (alternative spelling of hobby horse English)

  1. n. a topic to which one constantly reverts; "don't get him started on his hobbyhorse"

  2. a child's plaything consisting of an imitation horse mounted on rockers; the child straddles it and pretends to ride [syn: hobby, rocking horse]

Usage examples of "hobbyhorse".

The perches were curving, polished hobbyhorses leaning outward from trumpet-bell pedestals.

Then Ann moved to the hobbyhorses while Richard rose, brushing his hands against his jeans with a forced nonchalance.

When that palled I would plot the destruction of Gorshkov, that prick on wheels, and the KGB schemer Andropov, whose hobbyhorse this whole bioenergetics farce is, and put an end to it, and get on with the Extremely Low Frequency Broadcaster, just as the Yankees have done.

The helmsman used the ship's rudders to adjust their course, which, for a moment, made the gentle hobbyhorse become a bucking bronco.

I had meant to go back and get the data sheet, but I hadn't counted on getting a reverse bum's rush by a pack of hobbyhorses.

Some of the stalls had bright banners stretched above them to extol their wares, and all had their wares prominently to be seen or smelled: Chinese paper parasols, steaming wurst and kraut, head-and-stick hobbyhorses, fresh-baked hot waffles, tortoiseshell combs, beer straight from the keg, goat's milk straight from the nanny, tin trumpets, layered tortes, decorative little lamps, sugar sticks, toy drums, cuckoo clocks.

Eric walked past a small covey of actors carrying their props, ungainly stuffed hobbyhorses embroidered in bright colors, then he saw Judy, struggling to carry her large hammer dulcimer.

Pienarr was about to exercise one of his favorite hobbyhorses and interposed his request.

I was at a temple blessing in Djakarta when my cousin lost both of his feet while performing a Sanghyang Jaran, which is a trance dance on a wooden hobbyhorse.