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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
hill/hilly country
▪ He grew up in Texas hill country.
▪ In places the trees do grow more thickly and pines occur in some hilly areas.
▪ For example, it may not work in hilly areas because its transmission signal is weaker than satellite broadcasts.
▪ Hydrography One of the most striking features of the hilly terrain of viticultural Champagne is its network of rivers and canals.
hilly roads
▪ the hilly farmlands of New Jersey
▪ The vineyards are hilly and difficult to cultivate.
▪ Border runners build up mileage Haslemere Border road runners took on a windy and hilly course at Cranleigh last Sunday.
▪ Fribourg is a small town built on a picturesque hilly site on a bend of the river Sarine.
▪ In places the trees do grow more thickly and pines occur in some hilly areas.
▪ Irene daydreamed incessantly of hilly streets, cable cars, Chinatown and Rice-o-Roni.
▪ Out of 300 good class competitors, he achieved a brilliant second place on a hilly route in 59 mins. 7 secs.
▪ The road was hilly and winding.
▪ This hilly city is about to get another hill.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hilly \Hill"y\, a.

  1. Abounding with hills; uneven in surface; as, a hilly country. ``Hilly steep.''

  2. Lofty; as, hilly empire. [Obs.]
    --Beau. & Fl.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from hill + -y (2).


a. (context of a landscape English) Abundant in hills; having many hills.


adj. having hills and crags; "hilly terrain" [syn: cragged, craggy, mountainous]

Usage examples of "hilly".

The boundaries of my childhood were marked by Caulms Wood, a hilly area at the end of our street, a school and two churches on the road to the town centre.

Dougal and Clud at a hilly crosspath midisland and headed this way, leaving them to go on back to town while she explored.

From the deck, Barry could watch the buildup of the storms, see the coalescing clouds, watch the rain as it came up from the south and moved like a light white curtain over the canyon lands and through the hilly forest toward Corban and Bonita Vista.

The butler, Thomas Hillier, had succeeded the previous in cumbent years ago, and was devoted to her.

It was only hilly on the other side, and they rode beside the feeder until they reached the Great Mother again, then continued west.

Mountaines lifted vp themselues, afterwarde continuing to abrupt and wilesome hilly places, full of broken and nybled stones, mounting vppe into the ayre, as high as a man might looke to, and without any greene grasse or hearbe, and there were hewen out the three gates, in the verie rocke it selfe, euen as plaine as might be.

Next morning a score of us went with Hillyer, out of friendship, and helped him bury his late relative, the unlamented Buckner, and I acted as first assistant pall-bearer, Hillyer acting as chief.

We all went to our cabin, and the boys cooked him the best dinner the camp could furnish the materials for, and while they were about it Hillyer and I outfitted him from hat to shoe-leather with new clothes of ours, and made a comely and presentable old gentleman of him.

This function had been appointed to take place in the house of Lieutenant Hillyer, the third attache mentioned in the above list.

He twirled a knob, sending a bright blip representing Major Savage with the artillery racing diagonally from Astoria to Hillyer Gap, while the main force of the regiment continued up the Columbia, then turned east to the mountains, covering two legs of a triangle.

Main Street jogs at the corner just past my windows, following the hills, and Hillyer Avenue, a wide through-street, curves into and joins Main at that corner.

They used to set up a band stand here, blocking off Hillyer Avenue, for street dances or carnivals.

It took a minute or so, too, to realize this: a gradual movement of people had been going on, from both directions on Main Street, to the semi public square formed by the intersection of Hillyer and Main.

The car backed out, drove ahead a dozen yards, then swung slowly left into Hillyer Avenue, and I knew they were headed for the police station.

Beauchamp got into the back seat, and the car backed, then pulled ahead, turned left into Hillyer Avenue, and disappeared from sight.