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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a craggy/jagged cliff (=with a lot of sharp rocks)
▪ This is an area of spectacular gorges and jagged cliffs.
▪ He would be in his early fifties, was tall and well built with a craggy face.
▪ Dove slid down the rope, his feet skipping over the craggy face of the bluff toward the boy.
▪ Nothing in the script, or Auteuil's perky, craggy face can really tell us.
▪ One of those fair-haired characters with a craggy face.
craggy good looks
▪ Born in 1934, his career path was notable for its craggy leaps and reverses.
▪ He would be in his early fifties, was tall and well built with a craggy face.
▪ In the background the bleak, craggy, high Andes landscape of Potosi - the mining heartland they are abandoning.
▪ On the craggy heights of a mountain range the air is heated on a slope.
▪ Our path dropped down to the relative calm of the sea shore, edging craggy inlets beneath overhanging cliff tops.
▪ Taller, wider in the shoulder, clumsily assembled, with a craggy, impassive face.
▪ The same craggy spirit built Schoodic Mountain, about 15 miles north of the point.
▪ There are enormous alpine bowls, moguls and plenty of craggy outcroppings to challenge the daredevils.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Craggy \Crag"gy\ (kr[a^]g"g[y^]), a. Full of crags; rugged with projecting points of rocks; as, the craggy side of a mountain. ``The craggy ledge.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c.; see crag + -y (2). Related: Cragginess.


a. Characterized by rugged, sharp, or coarse features.

  1. adj. having hills and crags; "hilly terrain" [syn: cragged, hilly, mountainous]

  2. rocky and steep [syn: rugged]

  3. [also: craggiest, craggier]

Usage examples of "craggy".

But it was no paradiseonly craggy black granite, dripping and sweating.

It was craggier than any of the others, his forehead bonier, his eyes more deeply set and more malevolent over a cruel gash of a mouth.

The sight of his tall, rangy form bright with painted patterns where breechclout or medicine blanket did not cover him, the craggy features surmounted by a bonnet of eagle feathers, brought memories of last time to me across the years like a fist.

From the Iberian Caucasus, the most lofty and craggy mountains of Asia, that river descends with such oblique vehemence, that in a short space it is traversed by one hundred and twenty bridges.

Like most captains, Diu was tall for a human, with craggy features and an easy charm meant to instill trust in their human passengers.

Leslie grinned internally at the image of holo-Richard hovering in midocean like some craggy Madonna of the Fishes, clownfish and Moorish idols nibbling through the seaweedy strands of his hair.

His features were as craggy and deeply tanned as the rockbound cliffs overlooking the San Pedro.

Spandrel had anticipated that the Alps would be craggier and perhaps snowier versions of the Black Forest peaks they had passed.

Unlike the Sorrento side of the promontory, the mountains here rise suddenly and boldly out of the sea, towering to craggy eminences, moulded and cleft into infinite variety of slope and precipice, bastion and gorge.

A hand flashed briefly before the image of the craggy, wirehaired face.

Some of the praetors were sent to mop up pockets of resistance, including Bibulus to the lands of the Paeligni in mountainous Samnium, and Quintus Cicero to equally craggy Bruttium.

Maybe a little older, with slightly craggier patriarchal features designed to inspire instant respect in jurors and judges alike, but the same athletic frame and off-the-rack good looks.

From what Trigger could see of it in the guide lights on the approach, it did rather closely resemble a very large mountain of the craggier sort.

He was a tall, lean man whose austere countenance had only grown craggier with age.

His old crewmate still resembled a leaner, craggier version of James Garner.