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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Marge helped serve coffee and triple-layer cake from the old highboy, as the scent of roses drifted through the open windows.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tallboy \Tall"boy`\, n.

  1. A kind of long-stemmed wineglass or cup.

  2. A piece of household furniture common in the eighteenth century, usually in two separate parts, with larger drawers above and smaller ones below and raised on legs fifteen inches or more in height; -- called also highboy.

  3. A long sheet-metal pipe for a chimney top.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"tall chest of drawers," 1891, American English (see tallboy); a hybrid, the second element is from French bois "wood" (see bush).


n. 1 A tall chest of drawers raised up on high legs, beginning with the simpler William and Mary style of the late 17th century, culminating in the late baroque 18th century Queen Anne style, progressing into the early Georgian style, with an ornate top and extensive carvings. 2 (cx dated English) One who enjoys the high life. 3 (cx dated English) A political highflier.


n. a tall chest of drawers divided into two sections and supported on four legs [syn: tallboy]

Usage examples of "highboy".

But the room was so jammed with breakfronts and escritoires and armoires and highboys and lowboys and Welsh dressers and wardrobes and grandfather clocks and so on, that I could not guess where the windows were.

And leading me deeper into the thicket of cabinets and closets and breakfronts and highboys, the rocking chairs and hall trees and bookcases, Helen Hoover Boyle says she needs to tell me a little story.

A Persian carpet runner, worn threadbare in places with years of use, led through the maze of old highboys and Bombay chests toward the back of the shop.

The Rococo vitrines, the Jacobean bookcases, the Gothic Revival highboys, all carved and varnished, the French Provincial wardrobes, crowd around us.

Revival highboys, all carved and varnished, the French Provincial wardrobes, crowd around us.

The haunted antique highboy, anthropomorphized by its owner who thinks that it will stop at nothing to ensure its own health and safety.

There was a highboy radio in the corner, with a half-empty glass of amber fluid on top of it.