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n. (plural of help English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: help)


Helps may refer to:

  • Helping behavior
  • Helps, Michigan, a community in the United States
  • Arthur Helps, an English writer

Usage examples of "helps".

It helps us make a distinction between a cunning tyrant and a scientist.

And at the same time you try to provide a system that helps develop and encourage their positive tendencies, not their negative ones.

And winning at games helps build self confidence, which stimulates initiative.

Having third parties take the blame helps minimize the emotional content.

Op system decisions and achievements the same way a corporate accounting system helps CEOs evaluate operating efficiency.

It raises the heat factor on the golf courses a tiny bit, and it makes our golfers a tiny bit more uncomfortable on the hotter days, but it helps a lot in the overall picture.

In the beginning, it helps to focus on a single thing, in order to exclude all distracting thoughts.

Among other things, grooming helps build a bond between you and the horse.

Because she specializes in a service to the village, everyone helps a little so she will be there for the village when there is need of her.

Ilwath and Gilish are with them--Gilish helps with the twins while they take care of the farm.

I positively knew her to be dead, Serrelinda, I would tell you as much: I hope that helps you.

You become sick because there is a lack of something in your body which you must have, some element that helps in some way or another.

Every one who has been converted goes into the Mercy Band as a helper and helps here as well as on the other side.

He works for the coalition and helps me take care of the leopards and all the other shapeshifters.

It also has sentiment, which is why it helps us out on rare occasions.