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n. (context scifi English) A flying vehicle resembling a helicopter and/or a jet.


Helijet International is a helicopter airline and charter service based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Well known for its scheduled passenger helicopter airline services, it also operates a charter division (Helijet Charters) serving the film, television, aerial tour, industrial and general charter markets, as well as helicopter and jet air ambulance services. Its main base is Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

Sightseeing harbour and city tours and scheduled services to Victoria and Nanaimo operate from the Vancouver Harbour Heliport located on the shores of Burrard Inlet, adjacent to Waterfront Station. The actual heliport is a floating structure located in the harbour waters. Helijet is also British Columbia's largest air medical service provider, operating rotary wing, fixed wing medevac aircraft including Learjet and Hawker.

Usage examples of "helijet".

Tom and his two companions in the helijet raised both hands to shield their eyes from the dazzling glare.

As the flare burned itself out, Bud reached from the helijet with a boat hook and fished in a small green parachute.

Soon the helijets were skimming over the woods, sweeping the terrain with giant searchlights.

Considering the Schwarzeneggerian budget of the film, you'd expect at least one nifty variation on the theme of mayhem, but the best Spottiswoode can muster is a helijet blade chopping with the gore implied, not shown, this due to Le Gran Arnold's pompous and much publicized intent to make movies that won't cause American kiddies to wax murderous and sally forth to dice and slice innocent high school jocks with their own personal helijet blades.