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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Heirless \Heir"less\ a. Destitute of an heir.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, from heir + -less.


a. Without an heir.

Usage examples of "heirless".

It only made his childless marriage the more stinging to an heirless kingdom.

Koronin had been raised to revere the empress, but among the highest class it was an open secret that the oligarchs controlled a powerless, toothless, heirless sovereign.

Gerrin or Barton, but it was the heirless Gerrin Staenbridge who had manumitted her and adopted the child.

Poor silly boy, she thought anguished, is it your karma to die heirless like so many of your line?

Morgan Brock has just arrived in Hong Kong and is flaunting his knighthood that he only acquired by persuading his heirless father-in-law to adopt him who then, conveniently and almost at once thereafter, died.

If you knew a bit, and were a good researcher of long-dormant archives, you could dig up the pattern of some ancient vintage whose creators had died heirless and alone.

European powers was how to carve up the Spanish Empire on the death of the ailing and heirless Spanish King, Carlos II.