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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Geoffrey, the third son, was to marry the heiress to the Dukedom of Brittany.
▪ A Philadelphia - or is it Chicago? heiress.
▪ And I suppose you have not chosen to flaunt yourself as an heiress in society.
▪ BThe 36 acres of hilltop land were owned by Aline Barnsdall, an oil heiress who dabbled in producing avant-garde theater.
▪ But Amy was neither a passive heiress nor a passive wife.
▪ His first marriage, to heiress Catherine Mellon, ended in divorce, and he reportedly received a $ 7 million settlement.
▪ Marrying an heiress was always the quickest way to wealth.
▪ Pedro's heiress was his eldest surviving daughter Constanza, who married John of Gaunt in September 1371.
▪ The cuckolding of heiresses and the wives of great lords was considered the highest form of courtly love.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Heiress \Heir"ess\, n. A female heir.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1650s, from heir + -ess.


n. a woman who stands to inherit


n. a female heir [syn: inheritress, inheritrix]


Heiress may refer to:

Heiress (band)

Heiress is an American rock band from Seattle, Washington, formed in 2006. Their style blends influences from hardcore punk, heavy metal and post-rock. They signed to Deathwish Inc. in 2010, and released their debut album Early Frost in 2013.

Usage examples of "heiress".

Master Byles Gridley accepted her as the great success of his life, and determined to make her his chief heiress, if there was any occasion for so doing.

The two ancient ladies, a Russian princess and the heiress to a rubber fortune, clients of the palazzo, have exited the elevator with them and wandered confusedly off into the night, somewhat shackled by their drawers, and now two soft splashes are heard at the far end of the Sotoportego del Capello where the gondolas dock at night.

She subsequently became the heiress of Hyde, in England, in her own right, and by the old English law of coverture, George Clarke became the owner of the estate.

Later that same day, Deb was still so indignant about the cavalier treatment she had received at the hands of her injured duelist that while watching the minuets at the Assembly Room ball she was seen to openly scowl, a most unladylike expression opinioned the sticklers of Bath society, but to be excused in a Cavendish heiress worth not a guinea less than fifty thousand pounds.

Catherine discovered it was fairly easy to sculpt the greenish-white ectoplasm she exuded into a crude semblance of the lost heiress.

In fact, the on-dit is that Fanny is not the first heiress he has made up to: there was some silly girl who was ready to elope with him, if you please, only last year!

The princess had been a Duchess de Borgnoli, a great heiress, and a delightful and pretty woman.

English goods by the help of one John Whithall, who had married a Spanish heiress, and had an ingenio and slaves in Santos.

Kirkbyres had married the heiress of Gersefell, an estate which marched with his own, and was double its size, whence the lairdship was sometimes spoken of by the one name, sometimes by the other.

The ladies de Ventadour and du Lude obtained by default letters of administration as heiresses without liability, which were granted out of the Chatelet.

But this is why they are determined that he will marry the heiress, and now that my nevy is so ill I believe they will have their way.

Tom Ryfe, was sent down expressly to afford the heiress an estimate of her possessions.

The one who has fistfights with murdering heiresses and lays the smackdown on guys who steal paintings from Rick.

Lance Sheath and MuMu deCharraiveuneuirauville were quite obviously courting no, probably stalking was the better word cosmetics heiress Martha Whoopley, a stocky stodgy fortyish styleless frump with the face of a TV dinner and the personality of a humidifier and the ownership of eleven million dollars in her own right.

He attained the rank of fieldmarshal in 1768, and went to Naples to marry a rich heiress, whom he left a widow a year after.