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Hedin (crater)

Hedin is a lunar crater of the dimension traditionally termed a walled plain. It lies due south of the crater pair Olbers and Glushko, and northwest of the similarly dimensioned walled plain Riccioli. To the east is another walled plain, Hevelius.

This crater has a deteriorated outer rim that has been worn down and reshaped through impact erosion. Several small craters lie along or near the rim, including Hedin F to the northeast and Hedin H to the southeast.

The interior floor has been scored by the impact event that created the Mare Orientale to the southeast. But these features are cross-hatched by a pair of linear rilles that follow a path towards the southeast. Only a section of the floor along the northwest rim is relatively level, retaining the low albedo of ground that has been resurfaced by lava.

This crater is sometimes referred to as "Sven Hedin" in older publications.


Hedin may refer to

  • Hedin (surname)
  • Hedin (crater) on the Moon
  • Sven Hedin Glacier in Canada
  • A legendary figure in Nordic mythology, see Hedin and Högni
  • Hedin, a dwarf character from the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini
Hedin (surname)

Hedin is a Swedish surname that may refer to

  • Adolf Hedin (1834–1905), Swedish liberal politician
  • Pierre Hedin (born 1978), Swedish ice hockey player
  • Robert Hedin (born 1966), Swedish handball coach and retired player
  • Sven Hedin (1862–1952), Swedish geographer and explorer
  • Tony Hedin (born 1969), Swedish handball coach and retired player, brother of Robert
  • Tore Hedin (1927–1952), Swedish police officer and murderer
  • Nana Hedin (born 1968), Swedish singer
  • Ulrika Hedin (born 1952), Swedish Olympic equestrian
  • Zelma Hedin (1827–1874), Swedish actress