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Hebden may refer to:

Hebden (surname)

Hebden, Hebdon, Hibdon, Ebden, and Ebdon are names all thought to be derived from one of several place names in West Yorkshire, coming from the Old English "heope", or " (rose) hip", and "denu", which meant " valley". The family motto is re e merito ("this through merit").

Less common variations are Heberden, Hepden, Habdon, and Hibden.

Note that some Ebdens and Ebdons are not originally from West Yorkshire 1 but are instead related to the Abdens and Abdons of Somerset and Shropshire. In these cases the name means " abbey farm".

  • Matthew Ebden (born 1987), Australian tennis player
  • John Hebden (1712–1765), a British composer
  • Kieran Hebden, a British musician performing as Four Tet
  • Thomas Ebdon (1738–1811), a British composer
  • Malcolm Hebden (born 1940), a British actor
  • Mark Hebden (born 1958), a British chess grandmaster
  • Richard Hebden O'Grady Haly (1841–1911), a commander of British forces in Canada
  • Shula Hebden Lloyd, and her first husband Mark Hebden, were fictitious characters on the radio show The Archers
  • Ebden,John Bardwell (1787–1873), merchant, banker, politician, Cape Colony, South Africa (son of John Bardwell Ebden)
  • Ebden,Charles Hotson (1811–1867), pastoralist, merchant and politician, Cape Colony, South Africa,
  • John Ebden, a production designer - e.g. the 1998 film Waking Ned (also known as Waking Ned Devine)
  • Max Ebden, one of Africa's most famous skydivers
  • One can graduate as an Ebden Scholar of the University of the Cape of Good Hope
  • Guido and Dion Hibdon, 2 professional fishermen
  • Sir John Hebdon Kt, 1612–1670
  • Sir John's father, Hebden, a Russian merchant agent for Tsar Alexis embassy to Russia for Charles II
  • Peter Ebdon (born 1970), an English professional snooker player
  • William Heberden, one of the most eminent British physicians of the 18th century