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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He can see car headlights a few hundred feet below.
▪ Southern species often sit in dirt roads or sandy tracks and appear in car headlights.
▪ It crept round the corners of the buildings and hung in the doorways and fled in ragged wisps from the car headlights.
▪ She said she felt like a rabbit caught in the headlights and her teeth felt too big for her mouth.
▪ Gore reacted like a rabbit caught in the headlights.
▪ He can see car headlights a few hundred feet below.
▪ Sometimes, you could go out and see the headlights like shooting stars.
▪ He said he heard a car engine racing behind him and turned round to see headlights.
▪ In the tipping, he saw the headlights of a car pulling up under the canopy out front.
▪ He heard a crunch or two and saw the headlights where he knew there wasn't a road.
▪ She glanced in the rear-view mirror and saw the headlights of the traffic behind her.
dim your headlights/lights
dip your headlights/lights
▪ He put his foot on the accelerator and dipped his headlights.
▪ And suddenly there was action - the van roared into reverse, rushing away from them, its headlights on full beam.
▪ He caught something-a woman-in the headlights, standing at the roadside with a suitcase.
▪ I feel the scything headlights sweep towards this orchard sanctuary.
▪ It was that hour of dusk when the streetlights and headlights come on but make little difference.
▪ One is prone to dousing the headlights accidentally while signaling.
▪ The Dodge mounted the kerb, headlights suddenly stabbing out on full beam.
▪ The other jeeps pulled up and drove alongside Lampard, all their headlights full on, searching for aircraft.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

headlamp \head"lamp`\ (h[e^]d"l[a^]mp`), n. A powerful light with a reflector, attached to the front of an automobile, locomotive, or other vehicle; called also headlight.

Syn: headlight.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1861, originally of ships and locomotives, from head (n.) + light (n.). Related: Headlights, which, as slang for "a woman's breasts," is from 1940s.


n. 1 A bright light, with a lens and reflector, on the front of a motor vehicle (or originally a train), designed to illuminate the road when driving at night; normally one of a pair. 2 (context US slang vulgar chiefly in the plural English) A woman's breast. 3 (context Canada slang vulgar chiefly in the plural English) A woman's erect nipples, partially masked by clothing. 4 (context US slang chiefly in the plural English) A jewel; especially a diamond. 5 (context US slang chiefly in the plural English) lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).


n. a powerful light with reflector; attached to the front of an automobile or locomotive [syn: headlamp]

Headlight (disambiguation)

A headlight is a device used to light the road ahead of a vehicle.

Headlight or headlamp may also refer to:

Usage examples of "headlight".

The moons had sunk below the horizon, and the predawn blackness was complete, save for the glow that arose from a few streetlights and from the headlights of prowl-cycles that sputtered about the city, watching the sky.

Down there she had sat in wait for the boy with the bazouki, watching as the light of his motorbike raced towards her, then switching on her own headlights and driving into his path.

Budd whispered, his eyes on the buggish headlights of the harvesting threshers.

Through the platform binoculars Joe watched a heavy man in uniform and a gaunt man in civvies pacing in the headlights of a sedan outside the South-10,000 shelter.

She had completed the path to the old tack house and was heading back toward Alan and Cozy, the little headlights of the tractor dead in their eyes.

Alan and Cozy, the little headlights of the tractor dead in their eyes.

Jackie Dibble stood in the doorway, having seen the approaching headlights.

I trudged out into a hooing of damp and grisly wind, into the kind of gunmetal day when you wear your headlights turned on, and think of a roaring fire, hot buttered rum, a Dynel tigerskin, and a brown agile lass from Papeete.

Irish Point, the train chugging down the center of the flyway that gleamed like an oil slick in the headlights and the silver glare of the rising moon.

Eve perceived that she was truly in a different world, one in which vehicle headlights might pick out exotic ibex, aodad, or bounding gemsbok as often as native wild whitetail.

No headlights followed me away from Lac La Hache, as the place was called, but by the time the sun had come up and burned the mists out of the hollows where it lay like cotton, the beat-up red car had taken up its station behind me once more.

As she threw up her hand to shield her eyes, Hickey stopped the Expedition and blinked the headlights twice.

The three northbound lanes of Jones Street, the next one west of Rankin, were not yet as clotted with cars as they would be later at night, but headlights there were a nervous darting through the houses and trees whenever Lome turned on his stump to look.

The headlights played on dark shapes, and suddenly Lotsa Smoke was racing through the herd, the buffaloes rushing pell-mell to escape-calves and cows and even old bulls.

So she sees those headlights coming like hell, and instead of keeping going, and she would have been okay if she had, she spins around and tries to get back where she came from.