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head of government

n. The chief officer of the executive branch of a government, often presiding over a cabinet; usually called Prime Minister (in a parliamentary system) or President (in a presidential system).

Head of government

Head of government is a generic term used for either the highest or second highest official in the executive branch of a sovereign state, a federated state, or a self-governing colony who often presides over a cabinet. The term "head of government" is often used differentiating it from the term " head of state", e.g. as in article 7 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, article 1 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes against Internationally Protected Persons, including Diplomatic Agents and the United Nations protocol list. The authority of a head of government, and the relationship between that position and other state institutions (such as a head of state and legislature) varies greatly among sovereign states, depending largely on the particular constitutional model chosen.

  • In parliamentary systems including constitutional monarchies, the head of government is the de facto political leader of the state, and is answerable to the legislature (or only one chamber of it). Although there is often formal reporting relationship to a head of state, the latter usually acts as a figurehead who may only act as a chief executive on limited occasions, either when receiving constitutional advice from the head of government or under specific provisions in a constitution.
  • In presidential republics or absolute monarchies, the head of state is generally also the head of government. The relationship between the head of state, government and the other branches of the state varies, ranging from separation of powers to autocracy, according to the constitution (or other basic laws) of the particular state.
  • In semi-presidential systems, the head of government may answer to both the head of state and the legislature, with the specifics provided by each constitution. A prominent example is the French Fifth Republic (1958–present), where the President appoints the Prime Minister, but must choose someone who can get government business done, and enjoy support in the National Assembly. When the opposition controls the National Assembly (and thus state funding and primary legislation), the President is in effect forced to choose a Prime Minister from the opposition party. In such cases, known as cohabitation, the Prime Minister (with the cabinet) controls domestic policy, with the President's influence largely restricted to foreign affairs.
  • In directorial systems the executive is composed of multiple people exercising the powers of a head of government. A prominent example is the Swiss Federal Council, where each member heads a department and also votes on proposals relating to all departments.

Usage examples of "head of government".

Fortunately, she'd enjoyed two enormous advantages he simply could not overcome: her status as the provisional head of government who'd actually kept her promise and held general elections when she'd said she would, and the endorsement of Thomas Theisman.

Use my voice and my authority as Minister of Defense and acting head of government.

The Grand Council meeting the day after the funeral had elected Hobart Merethal Conselline as the new head of government, and he had appointed some new people to various defense-related committees.

That might seem to indicate that the so-called Minbari leader was only a titular head of government without power, not unlike kings and queens had become on Earth by the twentieth century.

Me left alone as acting head of government and crisis on top of us?

You were acting head of government and the crisis was on top of you.

In fact, however, the Royal Council, now commonly referred to as the Cabinet, became the instrument through which the monarch acts as head of Government as well as head of State.

Hobart Conselline, who has become the new head of government, is a man of grudges and jealousies, scheming and ruthless, a man who will not feel safe until he controls everything.

Say a week or so, and then the Ambassador will check in for the usual courtesy visit to present your greetings to a new head of government—.

In his own way, by his own labors and unique position, he was the closest thing to a head of government the Southern Hemisphere hada Chairman or coordinator.

He was fully aware of the flapper system that made such contact with the head of government all but impossible for the ordinary citizen, even though Harshaw himself disdained to surround himself with buffers suitable to his own rank.

And hes Premier Stolars brother-in-law, to bootnot to mention the civilian head of government and military commander-in-chief of the sector.

Why else should the Emperor's representative-as they must figure I am-be met by a policeman rather than the head of government?

This boy was a cousin of Lord Royhas, the Chancellor and at present the head of government back in Valles.

Each step toward normalacy since had been a relief, and his greatest ambition as head of government had been to become as irrelevant as he could to as many people as possible.