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n. (context Judaism English) a Jewish cantor in a synagogue


A hazzan or chazzan ( ħazzān, Yiddish khazn Ladino hassan) is a Jewish musician, or precentor, trained in the vocal arts who helps lead the congregation in songful prayer. In English, this prayer-leader is often referred to as cantor, a term also used in Christianity.

Ḥazzan (surname)

Hazan, Chazan, Chasen, and Khazan are alternative spellings of Hazzan. See also Hassan (surname). Khazan is a transliteration from Russian of the last name Хазан, typically of Russian-Jewish descent. People with the name Hazan include:

  • Abraham Chazan (1849–1917), Breslover rabbi
  • Adeline Hazan (born 1965), French politician
  • Al Hazan, American musician
  • Alon Hazan (born 1967), Israeli footballer
  • Louise Hazan (born 1979), British environmental campaigner
  • Marcella Hazan (born 1924), Italian writer
  • Nachman Chazan (1813–1884), Breslover rabbi
  • Naomi Hazan (born 1946), Israeli politician
  • Samuel Hazan (born 1983), Israeli footballer
  • Yaakov Hazan (1899–1992), Israeli politician
  • Yehiel Hazan (born 1958), Israeli politician