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n. (plural of hate English) vb. 1 (en-third-person singular of: hate) 2 (context non-standard dialectal Southern U.S. English) ''first-person singular simple present indicative form of'' '''hate'''

Usage examples of "hates".

The woman absolutely hates what she has been doing, hates herself for having loved it, hates me for having rubbed her nose in it, so to speak!

I thought this no way to treat sick men, so transferred hates from Dottlinger to the hospital.

And most of all, she hated the requirement of the law that she hate absolutely nothing in the world or at least that she hide these forbidden hates from other people and the eyes of God.

He hates to type and keeps his tallies via pencil and clipboard a la deLint.

I just realized that someone hates me enough to slash my tires and threaten me with hate mail.

She knows what reality is and she hates it, and she sucks it into herself and spews it out backwards.

Again I say yes because I see that Magdalena hates Jews as much as any Nazi.

I think it is also safe to say that Jack hates Capers, or at least dislikes him very much.

He hates it, and well he should, but I can see now why he changed his mind about that.

We can play the game of hates and call it free enterprise of competition between individual initiatives, too.

Wintrow hammered into a man, even if he grows up thinking he hates me for it.

She had turned away from the station, back of beyond, and quick hates and quicker love.