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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a hate crime (=committed against someone because of their race, religion etc)
grow to like/hate/respect etc
▪ After a while the kids grew to like Mr Cox.
▪ the city he had grown to love
hate campaign
hate crime
hate mail (=letters expressing hate)
▪ She got threatening phone calls and hate mail.
hate mail
▪ She complained to the police after receiving hate mail.
I dread/hate/shudder to think (=I do not want to think about something bad)
▪ I dread to think what might have happened if we hadn’t found her.
I hate to admit it but …
▪ I hate to admit it but it looks like we’ve failed.
I hate to be a nuisance .../Sorry to be a nuisance ...
▪ I hate to be a nuisance, but could you move your car to the other side of the street?
I’d hate (=I do not want)
I’d hate to disappoint you.
▪ But there are always one or two who would have preferred a colleague to a stranger even if they hated his guts.
▪ Harry H.. Vaughan, who hated the guts of both Forrestal and Lovett.
▪ But that was before he'd begun to hate my guts.
▪ Ever since, Graber had hated his guts.
▪ I won't mention Morton because he hates his guts, of course.
be sick of/can't stand/hate the sight of sb/sth
love/enjoy/hate etc every minute (of sth)
▪ And even when the tires went flat or the road grew rough, we loved every minute of the journey.
▪ And he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
▪ And I give it all I got and enjoy every minute of it.
▪ But we were careless and happy and full of fun, and enjoyed every minute of the day.
▪ He went down early each morning and jumped up and down in the briny, enjoying every minute of it.
▪ I got a goal and enjoyed every minute of it.
▪ I know we all enjoyed every minute of the three hectic months.
▪ The first mile was pure pain and I hated every minute of it.
pet hate
▪ Mum's particular pet peeve is people leaving their dirty clothes lying on the floor.
▪ TV Game shows have been my pet hate for some time now.
▪ Apart from thieves his pet hate was Gypsies.
▪ But my pet hate is woodwork joinery.
▪ The poll also gave the thumbs down to male know-it-alls - the pet hate for most women.
▪ "Go away!" Jackie screamed. "I hate you!"
▪ Don't go in now - she hates being interrupted.
▪ He was an evil dictator who was universally hated.
▪ Hurry up - I hate to be late!
▪ I hate it when you speak to me like that.
▪ I hated my first husband. He used to hit me and the children.
▪ If you're playing against Gary, I warn you, he hates losing!
▪ It takes many years for kids who have suffered so much to learn to love and not to hate.
▪ Jill really hates her stepfather.
▪ Pat hates her job.
▪ Tony hated science when he was at school because he wasn't any good at it.
▪ Turner was a rebel from the start. He hated authority and he hated the law.
▪ Although I hate to leave stuff here.
▪ He hates to lie in bed, and follows us around like a puppy.
▪ He both hated it and loved it, and he became more and more afraid that some one would discover his secret.
▪ I hate to spend money for things I never will need nor want.
▪ Sharpe, who hated dancing, smiled at the thought, then turned and spurred the horse towards home.
▪ She hated unpleasantness, though she wouldn't back down from a fight.
▪ They loved the issues, hated the pols.
▪ Why does everyone seem to hate the Library? 2.
▪ The coroner, Michael Gwynne, described the race hate campaign as shocking.
▪ There is growing evidence that white supremacist groups are renewing hate campaigns against Aborigines in some provincial towns.
▪ The family says the hate campaign began then, leaving him fearing for his life.
▪ The hate campaign began again, including obscene phone calls.
▪ Murder, rape and other hate crimes could be a mere provocation away.
▪ Vista Unified School District trustees became so concerned that they now expel students caught committing hate crimes.
▪ The Anti-Defamation League has compiled hate crime statistics from law enforcement throughout the county and recorded 413 incidents from 1992-94.
▪ Exactly what makes a hate crime?
▪ But Roth said investigations showed few of the reports reflected actual hate crimes.
▪ On Tuesday, Symington vetoed a bill that would have allowed judges to increase prison sentences for hate crimes.
▪ Thirty-six states have similar hate-crimes laws, and reports of hate crimes have been on the rise in Arizona, Woods says.
▪ And statewide, only 215 of 750 law enforcement agencies reported any hate crimes.
▪ Anti-Semitic hate mail sent to an elementary school student in Benicia by classmates.
▪ a look of hate
▪ His mind was filled with hate and the desire for revenge.
▪ There was anger and hate in her voice, and I felt afraid.
▪ Is to be a king the same thing as to be the object of universal hate?
▪ Their faces were full of hate.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hate \Hate\ (h[=a]t), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Hated; p. pr. & vb. n. Hating.] [OE. haten, hatien, AS. hatian; akin to OS. hatan, hat[=o]n to be hostile to, D. haten to hate, OHG. hazz[=e]n, hazz[=o]n, G. hassen, Icel. & Sw. hata, Dan. hade, Goth. hatan, hatjan. [root]36. Cf. Hate, n., Heinous.]

  1. To have a great aversion to, with a strong desire that evil should befall the person toward whom the feeling is directed; to dislike intensely; to detest; as, to hate one's enemies; to hate hypocrisy.

    Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer.
    --1 John iii. 15.

  2. To be very unwilling; followed by an infinitive, or a substantive clause with that; as, to hate to get into debt; to hate that anything should be wasted.

    I hate that he should linger here.

  3. (Script.) To love less, relatively.
    --Luke xiv. 26.

    Syn: To Hate, Abhor, Detest, Abominate, Loathe.

    Usage: Hate is the generic word, and implies that one is inflamed with extreme dislike. We abhor what is deeply repugnant to our sensibilities or feelings. We detest what contradicts so utterly our principles and moral sentiments that we feel bound to lift up our voice against it. What we abominate does equal violence to our moral and religious sentiments. What we loathe is offensive to our own nature, and excites unmingled disgust. Our Savior is said to have hated the deeds of the Nicolaitanes; his language shows that he loathed the lukewarmness of the Laodiceans; he detested the hypocrisy of the scribes and Pharisees; he abhorred the suggestions of the tempter in the wilderness.


Hate \Hate\, n. [OE. hate, hete, AS. hete; akin to D. haat, G. hass, Icel. hatr, SW. hat, Dan. had, Goth. hatis. Cf. Hate, v.] Strong aversion coupled with desire that evil should befall the person toward whom the feeling is directed; as exercised toward things, intense dislike; hatred; detestation; -- opposed to love.

For in a wink the false love turns to hate.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English hatian "to hate," from Proto-Germanic *haton (cognates: Old Saxon haton, Old Norse hata, German hassen, Gothic hatan "to hate"), from PIE root *kad- "sorrow, hatred" (cognates: Avestan sadra- "grief, sorrow, calamity," Greek kedos "care, trouble, sorrow," Welsh cas "pain, anger"). Related: Hated; hating. French haine (n.), hair (v.) are Germanic. Hate crime attested from 1988.


Old English hete "hatred, spite," from Proto-Germanic *hatis- (cognates: Old Norse hattr, Old Frisian hat, Dutch haat, Old High German has, German Hass, Gothic hatis; see hate (v.)). Altered in Middle English to conform with the verb. Hate mail is first attested 1967.


n. 1 An object of hatred. 2 hatred. 3 (context Internet colloquial English) Negative feedback, abusive behaviour. vb. 1 (context transitive English) To dislike intensely or greatly. 2 (context transitive slang English) To dislike intensely due to envy.


n. the emotion of hate; a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action [syn: hatred] [ant: love]


v. dislike intensely; feel antipathy or aversion towards; "I hate Mexican food"; "She detests politicians" [syn: detest] [ant: love]

Hate (comics)

Hate is a comic book by writer-artist Peter Bagge. First published by Fantagraphics in 1990 it ran for 30 issues, and was one of the best-selling alternative comics of the 1990s, at its height selling 30,000 copies an issue. In 2000 Bagge revived the series in Hate Annual, a yearly comic which continues the story after Hate in short stories, in addition to Bagge's writings on Libertarianism and culture and topical cartoons.

Hate follows the life of Buddy Bradley, in a continuation of events from Bagge's strip "The Bradleys" from former publications Neat Stuff. It is set for the first half in Seattle and later in suburban New Jersey. Buddy has to deal with the end of adolescence, reluctantly growing up, his relationships with a host of unpleasant acquaintances he has to class as friends, working in dead-end jobs and having no direction in life. Bagge used memories of events from his own life as material.

Hate has been referenced by many commentators as an important example of Generation X comic culture and grunge culture in general. Bagge tends to see the parallels with the grunge lifestyle as largely coincidental, as he was referencing events that had happened to him ten years previous. The comic was also released in Europe in the mid 90s as Spanish, Italian and German language editions, the Spanish Odio proving particularly popular.

Hate (disambiguation)

Hate is an emotion of intense revulsion.

Hate or Hater may also refer to:

Hate (The Delgados album)

Hate is an album by The Delgados which was first released in the United Kingdom on the Mantra label and later in the United States with two bonus tracks. The album drew generally positive reviews, and has been compared to such other works as The Flaming Lips' The Soft Bulletin. The lyrics are emphatic, with strings and lots of reverb producing a somewhat drawn and pained sound; however, the album often leans towards more uplifting chords as well.

Hate (band)

Hate is a Polish death metal band from Warsaw, Poland, formed in 1990. Their most recent album, Crusade:Zero, was released in January 2015, under Napalm Records.

Hate (I Really Don't Like You)

"Hate (I Really Don't Like You)" is a single by the Plain White T's. It is the first single from their fourth studio album Every Second Counts, released in 2006. This song has an acoustic version available on the Best Buy version of Every Second Counts. The song had become one of the band's highest charting singles.

Hate (short story)

"Hate" is a science fiction short story by Arthur C. Clarke first published in 1961 and subsequently included in several collections of Clarke's writings, including The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke. The story originated when movie producer William MacQuitty asked Clarke to write a film treatment titled The Sea and the Stars. Nothing came of the project so Clarke transformed the treatment into a short story. If magazine retitled it "At the End of Orbit" for publication but Clarke preferred his original title because it has "more punch" and it is under that title that the story has since been published.

Hate (video gaming)

Hate (also threat or aggro) is a mechanism used in many MMORPGs, as well as in some RPGs, by which mobs prioritize which characters to attack. The player who generates the most hate on a mob will be preferentially attacked by that mob. The act of initiating such situation is called "getting aggro" or "pulling aggro."

The character with the highest amount of hate relative to his allies has aggro. The threat list or threat table is the ordering of players by the amount of hate they have generated. Some mobs have fight mechanics that will ignore hate completely, change which player has aggro despite hate, or periodically reset the threat list, resetting all hate to 0.

Hate (Sarcófago album)

Hate is the Third studio album by Brazilian extreme metal band Sarcófago, released in 1994 through Cogumelo Records. It has a more stripped-down approach than their previous record, The Laws of Scourge (1991).

Hate is also notable for its controversial use of a drum machine, which was used because there were no drummers who could play as fast as the band wished. The band was trying to be the fastest band in the world. Lamounier claimed to have no qualms about using this device, on the basis that most death metal drummers use trigger pads for recording purposes, which in the end produces the same homogenized sound as that of a drum machine.

The song "Satanic Terrorism" is about the ' Inner Circle' church burnings in Norway at the beginning of the 90s; Sarcófago was accused of supporting these acts, but Lamounier claims that the song only describes the acts.

Hate (EP)

Hate is the first EP of a trilogy released by American rock band Hawthorne Heights through the band's own record label, Cardboard Empire. Hate was released for digital download on August 23, 2011. It is also the first release by the band to contain a title track.

Hate (Thy Art Is Murder album)

Hate is the second studio album by Australian deathcore band Thy Art Is Murder. The album was released on October 19, 2012 through Halfcut Records, but was reissued on April 5, 2013 through Nuclear Blast after the band signed to the label. The album debuted at no. 35 on the ARIA Charts, making Thy Art Is a Murder the first extreme metal band ever to break the top 40. The album also reached no. 1 on AIR and peaked at 31 on the Top Heatseekers chart.

On March 31, 2013 Metal Hammer began streaming the album in full, in anticipation of the Nuclear Blast re-release.

Hate (Bassi Maestro album)

Hate is the eighth studio album by the Italian rapper Bassi Maestro, released in 2005 under Vibrarecords.

Usage examples of "hate".

He had figured to himself some passionate hysterique, merciless as a cat in her hate and her love, a zealous abettor, perhaps even the ruling spirit in the crime.

This came as something of a relief to his crew, who hated to be aboard without him present.

When I was carrying Achates he kept me with him even though he hated me!

He thought angrily of the pleasure he would have at seeing the fright of that small and frail but proud man when covered by his pistol, and then he felt with surprise that of all the men he knew there was none he would so much like to have for a friend as that very adjutant whom he so hated.

Does the man make anything of defrauding or defaming or hating another even to death, or of committing adultery with his wife, or of being cruel to him out of revenge, the while having the desire in mind to get the upper hand of all and to possess the goods of all others, thus regarding others in comparison with himself as insignificant and of little worth?

Hes stuffing his face, the wifie hates him and hes aff to see a shrink three times a week since his last suicide attempt.

Red Indian chief in full war- paint, the lined lips compressed to a thread, eyes wrinkled, nostrils aflare, and the whole face lit by so naked a passion of hate that I started.

He remembered his vow of ahimsa then, and he realized that even if he had hated the tiger, he could never have harmed such a marvellous beast.

In a few minutes the hated stench of the aldehyde would have driven any bees still hanging about the comb down to the next level in the hive.

She made the film, but hated Hollywood and longed only to return to her Ama life.

If Ahmad dies, then Syed will hate us and we will never be able to see my sister, Amine, again.

Her aquamarine eyes were troubled and embarrassed, for she hated to turn down an offer that she would have loved to accept.

For the present, all mutual jealousies, all the burning ambitions, all quarrels and hate, are submitted to the arbitrament of the sword.

Lou Silver had had to break a date with a new girl friend to attend the audition, and he hated everybody.

I knew of your aversion to anyone of that faith, and because of the resurgence of hate in the country against any Catholic, I believed it was in my own.