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Hârn is a campaign setting for fantasy role-playing games, designed by N. Robin Crossby and published by Columbia Games since 1983.

In 1997 Crossby founded Kelestia Productions (KP), an electronic publishing e-company. KP and CGI now independently produce printed and online materials for use with Hârn-based role-playing campaigns and fiction.

The role-playing game HârnMaster was developed specifically for use with Hârn. It enables players, gamemasters, and writers to develop character descriptions that exploit the deep level of detail found in Hârn.

Usage examples of "harn".

So Harn rode over the Lower Hurdles borne on the crest of his battle madness, seeing the field laid bare for a moment before him by lightning, shouting with the thunder.

The claw harnmer just grazed the back of his head, his shoulder taking the T A 0 A G brunt of the impact.

Harn found the largest contingent of Wasters he could and smashed into it.

Harn, the end player in a monstrous game of Crack the Whip, snapped into the cliff face and shattered like a crab dropped from a height.

Twisting in the air, Brinn landed lightly on the ground, came bounding upward again as Stell and Harn grappled with their kinsman.

Pulling on the chain with his left hand, he swung the harnmer at the U-bolt with all his strength, but he was working under water, and the weight of the hammer had less effect than it would on the surface.