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The word Hara can refer to:

  • Hara (band), a Romanian pop-band
  • Hara (Bible), a Biblical place name
  • Hara (2014 film), an upcoming Kannada drama film
  • Hara (genus), a fish genus in the order Siluriformes
  • Hara (given name)
  • Hara (Hinduism), an early name for Shiva
  • Hara (surname)
  • Hara (tanden) (腹), a Japanese technical term used in medicine and martial art referring to a specific place on or the whole of the lower abdomen
  • Hara (sculpture), an artwork by Deborah Butterfield
  • 4640 Hara, a main-belt asteroid
  • Harā Bərəzaitī, a legendary mountain in Persian mythology
  • Hara Huna Kingdom, an ancient Chinese tribe close to Himalayas mentioned in the epic Mahabharata
  • Avicennia marina, a species of mangrove known as the hara tree in southern Iran
  • Goo Ha-ra, a South Korean idol singer
  • the word as the feminine version of Rajah

HARA is an acronym for :

  • Hawai'i Academy of Recording Arts
  • Hyperbolic absolute risk aversion, a term in economics
Hara (band)

Hara is a Romanian pop-rock band from Cluj-Napoca. Its members during 2000-2002 were: Flavius Buzilă, Mihai Pop, Nicu Lichirie, Tudor Runcanu and Doru Dejeu. Since 2003 the members are: Flavius Buzilă, Mihai Pop, Nicu Lichirie, Marius Astilean and Vasi Nani.

Hara (Bible)

Hara (הרא) in the Bible is a place in Assyria. It is mentioned in the first book of Chronicles, chapter 5, verse 26 as a place of exile.

Category:Hebrew Bible places

Hara (genus)

Hara is a genus of South Asian river catfishes native to South Asia from India to Myanmar.

Hara (tanden)

Hara (: abdomen, should not be translated as "stomach" to avoid confusing it with the organ). In the Japanese medical tradition and in Japanese martial arts traditions, the word Hara is used as a technical term for a specific area (physical/anatomical) or energy field (physiological/energetic) of the body.

Hara (Hinduism)

Hara may refer to:

  • an early name (Sanskrit: हर) of the deity Shiva, from the Harappan culture (Indus Valley Civilization)
  • a name of the feminine aspect of God (Ishvara) known as Shakti (The feminine aspect has a long last a - Haraa and includes various feminine deities)
Hara (sculpture)

Hara is a public art work by American artist Deborah Butterfield located at the Lynden Sculpture Garden near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The sculpture is in the form of horse; it is installed on the lawn.

Hara (given name)

Hara is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Hara Chandra Ghosh (1808–1868), leader of the Young Bengal group
  • Hara P. Misra (born 1940), American biochemist and Professor Emeritus of Biomedical Sciences and Pathology at Virginia Tech
  • Hara Patnaik (Oriya: ହର ପଟନାୟକ, born 1958), Oriya movie stars in the state of Orissa in India
  • Goo Hara Korean singer, member of girl group Kara
Hara (2014 film)

Hara is a 2014 Kannada drama film directed by Devaraj Palan and features actors Vasanth and Pragna in the lead. It is a remake of the 2006 Telugu film Chinnodu, where actors Sumanth and Charmy Kaur played the lead roles. The trailer of the film was unveiled on December 13, 2013.

Usage examples of "hara".

Here, I feel, one of the older hara, stern-faced, will deliver a subtle reprimand.

Most hara will tell you that all Wraeththu are beautiful, but this is not entirely trueand how boring if it was!

The most beautiful hara are the truly evil, the most powerful and the most clever.

This may give some kind of intimation of the sort of hara who do business in a musenda.

Of course, during that time, many hara were reluctant to live under Gelaming rule.

This, of course, was the only fitting behavior for hara whose tribe were reputed to be innately catlike.

Luckily, there were a couple of hara carrying barrels of ale through an open door in the wall.

Few hara were traveling at this hour, but the main road had been strewn with ashes all the same.

What hara we passed looked at us curiously for we were still traveling fast.

I was being accompanied by a guard of ten hara, all armed with Maudrah weapons, all capable of being competent and deadly, should the need arise.

Jafit, barely able to suppress his nauseating, triumphant leer, clicked his fingers and five hara emerged fully from the cover of the trees, to stand menacingly beside him and around me.

We fought as best we could but, in our defense, I can only say that three super-fit hara of any tribe are no match for a single Mojag.

It was evening by the time we rode through the carved, wooden gates of Jasminia, but the town appeared to be as busy and full of hara as it would have been at mid-day.

After passing along a high-ceilinged, columned passage, we were shown into a small chamber, where several other hara were clustered around a cheerful fire, murmuring softly together.

One by one, as if bewitched, the hara in our side of the room began to walk slowly forward, toward the vacillating forms of the huyana.